November 2018 (at a glance) Venus in Scorpio

The Sun transits the 8th House of the zodiac this month (THE SUN IN SCORPIO - 10/23 through 11/21/2017), when The Sun then enters Sagittarius (The 9th House). Expect the following areas to be of utmost importance and needing attention this month - (They are) The 8th House which is highlighted for all of us with The Sun, Jupiter, Venus ( A Stellium) and a New Moon on 11/18 all dressed up in Scorpio, the sign of sex, the good, the bad and the ugly.   

Click HERE! to read about what The Sun, Venus, Jupiter are dealing with right now. We also have a New Moon on 11/18/17 in Scorpio! ....All signs should Review the properties of the 8th House! And then READ what House will be even more emphasized for you!

Click Here also to read more, learn and understand how the Moon changes signs every 2.5 days.  Check out the Houses in Astrology to see how this planetary line up will play out for you. You are looking for the 8th House which is Scorpio and I have highlighted in yellow that House

So where does the Sun in Scorpio fall for you?

Aries: YOUR 8TH HOUSE of sex, money and secrets!
Taurus: YOUR 7TH HOUSE of marriage, business boom and legal documents
Gemini: YOUR 6TH HOUSE of health, repair, maintenance, money and your routine
Cancer: YOUR 5TH HOUSE of children, romance, taking risks, hobbies and babies.
Leo: YOUR 4TH HOUSE of issues from the past, relatives and where you live now!
Virgo: YOUR 3RD HOUSE of communications. your neighborhood and siblings
Libra: YOUR 2ND HOUSE of valuables, personal possessions and real estate
Scorpio: YOUR 1ST HOUSE of Image/ physical appearance so, hit the shops, like now!
Sagittarius: YOUR 12TH HOUSE of secrets, seclusion, a private relationship.
Capricorn: YOUR 11TH HOUSE of friendships, hopes/wishes and ex loves.
Aquarius: YOUR 10TH HOUSE of status, your public standing and your career
Pisces: YOUR 9TH HOUSE of publishing, overseas travel, people from distant lands and is a great time for advertising or promoting yourself and your business! 

ATTRACTION, Secrets, SEX and money 

Venus in Scorpio…….This is a DEADLY serious and intense placement. SCORPIO got it's reputation AS sexy (most likely because they rule that part of the human body) in Astrology.  It’s almost as if you love to test the limits WITH VENUS IN SCORPIO. THIS PLACEMENT makes you a demanding lover, expecting body, mind and soul. You love mysteries, secrets and are attracted to the unknown, so be careful of going for the "sizzle" and not the "steak" with this placement, personally and professionally!.  

During Venus in Scorpio, we all tend to not know the entire story but we will as the month comes to an end. Answers will be elusive plus we will see the themes of the 8th House mentioned, occurring and a strong emphasis on life, sex, SECRETS and money issues. The 8th House is a money House. It's about other peoples money, your money and almost borders on an obsession with money. Legacies and inheritances happen here!  It's highly sexual and passionate but can also be deceptive, such as revealing private secret, a strong focus on money and sex and scandals! The good news? With Jupiter also in Scorpio, we now see (Expansion) what has been kept hidden is suddenly revealed. Venus begins on the 7th and joins Mercury, who just left Scorpio....The lightens up the MOOD but with the Sun, Jupiter and Venus ALL in Scorpio, expect extremes or to become all or nothing (Scorpio Component). It's a time when we must be accountable for anything done in private. Venus will remain in Scorpio until the 1st of December.(VENUS IN SCORPIO ~ 11/7 - 12/1/17)

 What House does Venus (Love, harmony, attraction, money and music) in Scorpio fall for YOU ?

Aries: YOUR 8TH HOUSE of death, personal transformations and physical ones
Taurus: YOUR 7TH HOUSE of marriage, serious lovers, past partners and present ones.
Gemini: YOUR 6TH HOUSE of routine, money and how you make a living via your job.
Cancer: YOUR 5th HOUSE of children, household pets, love, passion, flirtation and fun.
Leo: YOUR 4TH HOUSE of motherhood, issues from the past and a possible end of a cycle.
Virgo: YOUR 3RD HOUSE of your neighborhood, community issues and the internet.
Libra: YOUR 2ND HOUSE of values and self-worth
Scorpio: YOUR 1ST HOUSE of appearance, new beginnings and expansion
Sagittarius: YOUR 12TH HOUSE of solitude, hospitals and secrets coming to light
Capricorn: YOUR 11TH HOUSE of ex loves, community gatherings and socializing more
Aquarius: YOUR 10TH HOUSE of public image, public recognition, authority figures & VIPs
Pisces: YOUR 9TH HOUSE of foreign travel, contracts, people and places faraway.

Your Jupiter will be in the same House as your Venus.....Why? Because three planets are now in Scorpio and that House (Scorpio) for you will ALWAYS be the SAME, in your natal/birth chart!


Mercury in Sagittarius.This is a placement that can best be described as the super saleswoman or man. This placement of (Mercury in Sagittarius) is a whole lot of talking and very little action, taken! In other words, it's all talk with positive spirit BUT not a ton of action or follow through. With the Planet of Mercury (Intellect and communications) in the opposite sign of (its natural ruler Gemini) Sagittarius, there WILL be promises made that cannot be delivered however religion/belief systems, OVERSEAS travel/people from foreign cultures will soar during this time, especially where communications, ideas, TRAVEL, publishing, advertising and promotion make the news during this time. MERCURY is all about expression, communication, the internet and ideas and concepts. Every year, we deal with these RETROGRADE periods and we learn to master them by reviewing, rethinking, revisiting something or someone we might have been on the outs with or perhaps we made an error and need to rethink someone or something!. However, It's also a time when these areas of communication get crossed, misunderstood and delayed!  Pay attention and see how and if this materializes for you throughout (Mercury in Sagittarius) from11/15 - 1/10/2018 the rest of the year) I usually don't follow the shadow of Mercury but this year, we ALL should watch these dates and yes, that means occasional communication breakdowns or misunderstandings but the solution is the word RE! repair, review, rewrite so, it's a great time to pull yourself together and instead of fearing Mercury, instead, let Astrology work to your advantage by knowing in advance what the current astro weather or MOOD is!  We SHOULD be seeing crazy weather, hassles with transportation, airlines and travel industries and airports, delays, communication SNAFUS and misunderstandings. See where (What House) this falls in for you.

How will this placement of Mercury impact YOUR communication, specifically? 

Aries - 9th House of overseas travel, publishing and people from distant shores. 
Taurus - 8th House of sex, other peoples money and endings
Gemini - 7th House of marriage, divorce and legal issues
Cancer - 6th House of health wellness and work.
Leo - 5th House of hobbies and what you do for fun.
Virgo - 4th House of issues past, motherhood and family
Libra - 3rd House of neighbors, short distance travels and siblings
Scorpio - 2nd House of valuables/possessions & money.
Sagittarius - 1st House of image/appearance
Capricorn - 12th House of privacy
Aquarius - 11th House of friends
Pisces - 10th House of VIPs and public prestige

Scorpio 2015 January Monthly Astrology Forecast

Where you will benefit in love, popularity and money this month, Scorpio?

Venus (Love) enters your 4th House of home, family and domestic matters this month, Scorpio, on 1/3. Mars will transit your 5th House of love, children and creative projects. Expect to be feeling happy with the direction your home life is going in this month. Love, admiration and appreciation from family members will please and benefit you. Your good deeds performed in the past, especially concerning family members, will be rewarded. This is a great time to work at home, if possible. You find home is where your heart is during this transit of Venus. With Mars - your co-ruler (Physical Energy/Sexuality) in your 5th House of Pisces, you will have the energy and motivation to tackle your love life, creative projects and anything related to children, love and passion. You make gains through home affairs, love and creative projects this month.


The Scorpio Profile

The Scorpio Profile

Determined, Forceful, Emotional, Intuitive, Powerful, Passionate, Exciting and Magnetic,  Jealous, Resentful, Compulsive, Obsessive, Secretive and Obstinate, Tolerant, Loyal, Psychic and Hopelessly Curious.


Scorpios are born investigators of the Zodiac. They must know everything about everyone. When an answer is sought, leave it to Scorpio to figure it out. Unfortunately, Scorpio can perceive life in terms of black or white.

This sign always has a hidden agenda and will never fail to keep it that way. They aren't keeping secrets, it just seems that way. Born under the planet Pluto, which rules the underground, this sign isn't someone who wants to just skim the surface. They want all or nothing.

Scorpios are the masters of their own destinies. They only know how to live one way: their own way and in their own world. This is a way of hiding a deep fear of rejection and abandonment.  Scorpio adheres to living this way in order to avoid getting too close to the wrong person, place or given situation. A broken heart is the most devastating experience for sensitive Scorpio.

This is someone who loves everyone and everything unconditionally, almost a little too much.  Just don't ever lie to a Scorpio. This sign can literally feel your emotions, for better or for worse. They were born with a built in lie-detector and can sense any form of sincerity or a lack thereof.

They don't live life, they master it. When life brings losses, they do waste time sulking, but will eventually continue on their choosen path, certain they will eventually succeed, and they almost always do.

Scorpios are driven by intense passions and desires. Other people view this sign in a way that is completely wrong and misunderstood. Although they project an air of reservation, it really is a test to see if they can trust you. Once you establish trust with Scorpio, you have a  loyal friend, lover and ally for life.

Scorpios are secretive by nature. Those around them may never know the depths of their passions. Probing your Scorpio lovers psyche will only make him or her defensive, leery and prone to emotional outbursts.

Whether in business or play, Scorpios love to compete and they prefer having an opponent. Scorpio does not take slights well, either. If you ever betray them, be assured they will retaliate with a painful sting.

Remember one thing about seductive Scorpio: They will never quit and never surrender. If anyone can get a difficult task done, it is a Scorpio. And we all need someone who can get the job done and look sexy while doing it.


Scorpios have a dark and mysterious style which, combined with an irresistible personal magnetism, creates an intense, almost obsessive fascination with members of the opposite sex.

They ooze sexuality, excitement and require a partner who can keep up with their marvelous capacity for taking everything to the limit.

For Scorpios emotions run deep, and their faculty of intuition is remarkably accurate, so their antennae can pick out a cheating partner at first sight.

They need, however, to keep a part of themselves private and personal. They can react vigorously, should a lover trespass in their personal domain. This is where and when a Scorpio can be unduly domineering in personal relationships, especially when they perceive their partner to be weaker than themselves.

Their biggest problem is finding someone who, while strong enough to maintain a tempestuous lifestyle, is interesting enough to remain a challenge. Once they find the right person, they mate for life.


Leonardo DeCaprio, Demi Moore, Calvin Klein, Bill Gates, Lorne Michaels, Picasso, Goldie Hawn, Joni Mitchell, Ryan Gosling, Condoleezza Rice, Vivien Leigh, Maria Shriver, Nick Lachey and Hillary Clinton.


Scorpions are well-suited for careers as doctors, investigators, actors,  secret agents and entreprenuers.