Aquarius Astrology Forecast for 2018

1.  The biggest news this year is Saturn moving into the sign it occupies naturally, Capricorn. We also have Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter will leave Scorpio to take up residence in the sign it rules, Sagittarius. Expect the government (10th House in Astrology) to experience a make over with Pluto and Saturn now both in Capricorn. Whenever planets fall in the sign they rule naturally, they tend function more smoothly.....

 In 2018, we continue to shift towards a spiritual level, humanity prevails over hatred and records from the past will be shattered, This is a year for records (of all kinds from weather to sports to everything in between) to be broken, new records to emerge and with Jupiter in Scorpio, we will see how we get either get lucky or change our minds about lovers, sex and love.

2. When you should lie low - During your Opposite sign - it's exactly six months from your birthday! For Aquarius, that would be when the Sun is in Leo!

3. Follow the Sun. Every month, the Sun glides through each of the twelve Houses. Want to know yours?  The Sun begins your year in Capricorn, your 12th House, then enters Aquarius, your 1st and so on.

4. Maximize your best days of the month by following the Moon. You typically get 2.5 days of the Moon in your sign every month.  There is a Moon Calendar on here that keeps you updated.

5. Where you might feel restricted, blocked or maybe need a lifeline?
It helps, if you have built a solid foundation and practiced the cardinal rule or you might find that lessons need to be learned, possibly even more than you imagined (Saturn)

Saturn has taken up residency of your 12th House in 2018. This could bring up issues relating to hospitals, institutions, prisons, addictions, secrets and solitude. The 12th House is also a House of privacy, so don't be concerned when you don't feel like participating in events and with groups you really have no interest in. You could also be dealing with issues from the past, past lives and anything or relating to the passing of a loved one. If you're feeling consistently tired, get a check up as Saturn can create serious lethargy.

6.Where you experience the most expansion, luck and prosperity…

7. Expect a few unexpected, shocks, out of the blue experiences when it comes to your 3rd House of communication with others, the internet, siblings, your neighborhood, personal possessions and your self worth are areas that will continue to shock and surprise you. This transit begins on 5/15/2018 and is typically a 7 year transit.  (Uranus) 

Your planetary ruler is Uranus. In 2018, The planet ( shock, out of the blue occurrences and surprises ) will begin 2018 in Taurus, in an earth sign.....Uranus is more comfortable in an air sign as opposed to a water or earth sign. Because Uranus occupies Taurus, its time to get serious about business, money and real estate.

8. Where you need to take another look; what you might be hiding from yourself or others. This is where information might not be entirely accurate. Take a closer look (Neptune)

Neptune is in Pisces and Pisces is your 2nd House of valuables, personal possessions, money and real estate. With Neptune touring Pisces, you decide who goes, who stays and examine your finances well. This is a very good time to save money, not spend it.

9. Where you are slowly but surely seeing a total transformation in your life? (Pluto)

Pluto has been in Capricorn, your 12th House since 2008. By now,you should have noticed how this tiny planet has made a sweeping but slow change in your life. Past Karma ( good deeds performed) could come back. You could also meet interesting, eccentric and dynamic types during this transit.  You will become interested in spirituality, religion and anything which is being covered up. You're a true humanitarian, Aquarius. We need more people like you in this world! 

10. When you can make a fresh start.........The New Moon in Aquarius (2/15/2018) and whenever the Sun transits your 1st House, Aquarius!  There are also two Eclipses in your opposite sign (Leo) 7th House and two in your 1st House, Aquarius, so expect changes with regard to marriage, legal system, business and divorces are where you will see the most change, Aquarius! And pay attention to your image and life could change overnight for you in 2018.

11. When will you look beyond beautiful to the world? During Venus in Aquarius - 1/17/18 - 2/9/18

12. A Gemini, Virgo and a Taurus  have much to tell and teach you. Gemini reminds you of home life, bills, repairs and obligations while Virgo and you take care of unfinished business, in private. A Taurus and Virgo will be your closest confidantes in 2018!