The Moon in Aquarius

When the Moon transits the sign of Aquarius in Astrology - Aquarius is the 11th House in Astrology
This is a great time for aligning yourself with groups and involving yourself in group activities of any kind. This is not an ideal day/time to be alone. Get out of the house if you work from home. Call up your best friends and make plans to cement your closest friendships. The emphasis falls on friendships, the environment, anything futuristic, electronics and technology, especially, will capture interest whenever the Moon is in Aquarius. Humanitarian issues, unity and anything odd and eccentric will appeal to our senses. 

This is a time NOT to take yourself or others too seriously. This IS a great day to engage in something in which you are not well versed and possibly present an original creative idea to others. You will be surprised at the reactions you might receive. Take that risk, wear something over the top and realize that this is a great day to open your mind to anything spiritual, religious and it is also an advantageous time to study esoteric topics. We will all be attracted to anything odd or eccentric today. The issues of friendships, the environment and anything far out and futuristic will be favored activities for the day. Watch out also as this is a time when ex-loves appear, so be on the lookout. You might duck for cover or embrace that special someone from your past. Try to keep an open mind and do something out of your comfort zone. You could be surprised at how fun and easy this can be under this Moon.

The signs of Aquarius and Leo will be in the spotlight today and tomorrow. They will radiate sex appeal and confidence and we will find ourselves inexplicably drawn to these powerful signs. Aquarius will be the most popular and attractive and can make tremendous strides in their personal and professional endeavors today. Leo could be feeling be low on energy and slightly drained but can expect to make enormous progress in love and romance department despite how they might feel physically. So step aside, and let Aquarius and Leo take the spotlight where they tend to shine naturally, charm us with their personal style, leadership abilities and their amazing sense of humor. We could all learn a thing or two from these two movers and shakers of the Zodiac.

We are feeling experimental and interested in trying NEW THINGS. There will be a lot of talking about improving HUMANITY. People are in the MOOD for gatherings, meetings, politics and community action. We are also in the astro-mood to throw over old outworn methods, ideals and in some cases LOVE relationships......... by instigating a DRASTIC CHANGE/NEW START...to make for A FRESH NEW START, i.e, for SOMETHING BETTER!. Yes, Under the Influence of this weekend, SHOCKS and SURPRISES are considered positive!

Join a new club or organization. PAY ATTENTION to what is happening in your community as a whole, meet with friends, join a discussion group. Change your appearance, a new hairstyle, make up or clothing. TEND to all electronics, do CHARITY work, make a NEW FRIENDs, do something shocking or SURPRISE SOMEONE.