Weekly Forecasts 12/3-12/9

To achieve your greatest desires this week, you might have the give up on someone or something that means the world to you. This could be a person, situation or habit. Whatever this is and you know what it is, Aries, lose it, fast! This week is all about ridding yourself of situations that no longer serve a useful purpose. Once you achieve this, you will feel beyond free and liberated to focus on those people and things that are most important to you. In the process of letting go, you have so much to gain. Long term goals can be implemented at this time, so don't wait to long to make those big lifestyle changes, Aries. Ask a Leo or a Scorpio for their take on matters that you hold dear!

 Love triangles in romance are a serious possibility this week, Taurus. Your sensual nature and earthy sex drive will be prominent and memorable with Venus in Sagittarius. Tone down your stubborn and sometimes self-centered desires and focus more on a partner's wishes and desires than your own for ideal results. The more empathetic you are with your partner, the more you stand to gain. Just realize that aspects indicate some rough sailing in the love and romance department this week. You could inadvertently turn off the very person you were hoping to turn on. Another Taurus and a Virgo have ideas they hope to share with you, Taurus.

You have the ability to captivate others this week with your charm, imagination and allure. Your desire for love is stronger than the actual reality of a committed relationship will be, so tone down your wildest dreams and live in reality. Your personal love radar is off slightly this week with Venus opposed to Sagittarius, so take off your blinders and try not to commit to any one person, place or thing, not this week. Aspects improve much more next week, single and coupled. If coupled, try not to be heard on a partner. The good news? Your ideas and concepts will be well received from your peers and this can lead to more self-fulfillment than love can and will. A Leo desires your attention while a Pisces might require some space.  

Wow! What a week, Cancer, single or coupled! Your physical vitality is off the charts and your sense of adventure are making you stand out to various admirers. Your impulses will be strong so focus, take a risk and see what transpires. You won't be disappointed, single or coupled. If you have an artistic hobby, this is a great week to get started on a new project or work on something that makes you feel liberated, excited and daring! Another Cancer and a Capricorn have ideas that will appeal to you.


A passionate encounter is just what you need this week, not just today, Leo! You are a passionate, determined and stubborn sign, so being lonely/alone is not in your vocabulary or on your agenda. You would rather be in a toxic relationship than left alone but this weeks energy suggests that you might actually need some space to give you a fresh perspective on an impending situation. Perhaps a matter from your past is about to haunt you again. Whatever the case may or may not be, sometimes what comes around actually does go back around. Remember that you give what you get, so make sure you are giving and not doing all of the getting. It's time to confide in a Taurus and a Sagittarius. 

Cheer up, Virgo! You tend to be short tempered, with your head in the clouds and somewhat nostalgic this week. You can see beyond the facades that others around you are trying to project but are failing miserably at. You will also be super critical of yourself and others, so try not to step on anyones toes or there could be a price to pay that is costly and beyond time consuming. Realize you run the risk of alienating those closest to you with a sarcastic tone, so the less said, the better. Just chill out, write in a journal and keep your deepest thoughts to yourself, just this week, Virgo and this means whether you're single or coupled. A seductive Gemini and an outgoing Sagittarius can win your heart with the right words spoken at a crucial moment.  


It's a week of transformation for you, Libra. It's also a time when you exert strenuous efforts in everything you do. You want to instigate changes but might feel stuck or compelled by a partners wishes. This is a week when you must adjust to change or do something serious about instigating it. Your determination is unmatchable and unmistakeable. The good news is that love and romance can improve but you might have the be the aggressor this week to get the results you seek, single or coupled. An Aries will appeal to you while you could find a Virgo or Pisces beyond mysterious.  

You could desire to strike out on your own this week and the good news is that you will have the determination and tenacity to do so, more than normal, Scorpio. With Venus in Sagittarius and Mars in Capricorn, this is a fortunate and prosperous week to begin new ventures, plans and deal with procedures. It's a week to shine as your personal popularity with the opposite sex promise to make you stand out and how, single and coupled. Focus on health concerns and you can really maximize your success potential. Realize also that others look to you to help them edit or improve their work in some way. You could find the company of a Leo overbearing while a Cancer could want more than you're willing to give, personally and professionally

With Venus (Love) in your sign, you can and will experience a serious change of heart this week. Others take note of your warm presence, good looks and free spirit and they want to get even closer, single and coupled. You're in the spotlight this week, so make the most of it and what it can do for your love life, Sagittarius. Only you know truly what is best for you and what might not be such a good idea after all. A Libra and another Sagittarius will inspire you to make needed changes and guess what, you not only make them but you take action, like yesterday.

With Mars, planet of war and aggression in your 1st House of appearances, you could find that you're coming on too strong for some people and this look does not suit you, Capricorn. Sometimes, you need to step away from your job and live in the real world and deal with real people, people who have feelings deserve to be treated with honesty, integrity and respect. If there is someone from your past you have not been entirely forthright with, this is a good week to make amends. As far as love goes, tone down your impatience. You could turn off a potential new partner if not entirely careful. A studious Virgo and a charming Libra will be involved.

You could find your passions are ignited this week but you tend to keep your romantic urges to yourself. The key is finding a partner that gives you the room to display a vulnerable side but simultaneously laughs with you about your desires. This is a week when you can find what you're looking for in an idealized but heartfelt partnership. You're looking sexy in the eyes of someone special and the feelings will be mutual. It's time to celebrate, let your hair down and enjoy the blissful moments with a partner. This is a great week to pursue an artistic study of some kind. Take photos, draw and paint for inspiration, single or coupled. An Aries and a Libra could play unusual but compelling roles.

This week places a high value on your most intimate relationship, Pisces. With Mars, planet of aggression and war, entering, Aquarius, your 12th House of secrets, privacy and seclusion, you could learn about the things people keep to themselves and then be sorry that you did. Try not to judge others so harshly and do your best to come from an unconditional and loving place, no matter what is revealed. It's a week that requires balance, tolerance and the ability to be flexible for single and coupled Pisces. Don't be surprised if you hear something that changes the course of 2015 this week. A Scorpio and an Aquarius are involved.