The Planets in Astrology and what they mean (How to interpret the Basics)

  •  "I SHINE"  the Sun is your sign, your physical appearance your image & personal presentation, just as other planets revolve around the Sun, so does the Moon (considered a planet in Astrology and so is THE SUN), Venus and more. Learn below about YOUR other planets, all of them. The SUN sign is known also as your Sign /Star Sign
  • Moon: "I REFLECT/Feel", the Moon is your emotional side, your nature, the way you were nurtured, it deals with the ocean tides, with your responses to others, motherhood, the way you mother others, the deep past, Your moon sign is one also of the1st things notice about you that is most evidenced by the way you feel for people, bond and respond with anyone.   
  • Mercury: "I THINK/communicate/relate", Mercury is your ability to connect with others, your intellect, ideas, concepts, it is your written and spoken words. It is here and now, it is how we communicate with others. It also deals with education. It is your history, given personality and like the Moon, something everyone notices about you. Your image, the voice of you, how you relate, communicate/bond/attach your tone, etc,  
  • Venus: "I LOVE YOU", Venus affects how you show affection and your appreciation of beauty, it is the planet of pleasure, it rules your TASTES, music, love, money, love relationships, what you find appealing in love. Libras love nothing more than to surround themselves with material things, costly. It is serenity, flowers, candy, chocolate covered strawberries, the works. Who do you find yourself attracted to and what you love aesthetically will become evident under Venus and it's influenced in your natal chart and which House it occupies.

 "I JUMP INTO", Mars is masculine. It is all your physical energy, impulsiveness, anger, SEXUAL INSTINCTS, animal instincts. It's ambition, PHYSICAL ENERGY, war,  assertiveness, fire, passion and it can tell you EVERYTHING especially when it makes hard angles or squares to any other planets in your chart. 

    • Jupiter: "I EXPAND", Jupiter is good luck, optimism, success, and generosity, positivity or lack thereof. Jupiter is the philosophical, philosopher in you, the luck you have, the growth you learn, did you have another piece of cake, can you really afford that purse? Under a great Jupiter, you can but those with not so great aspects, you must hunker down due to excess of any kind, it's also your worldviews and spirituality. 
    • Saturn: "IM THE BOSS", Saturn is FATHER, VIPS & AUTHORITY in your chart, it gives your other planets boundaries, restrictions demands a solid FOUNDATION and brings on limitations. However, it provides success, for those who have worked diligently to attain it. It's your life's foundation, your work ethic, your REPUTATION. It's known as a testing time wherever Saturn is in your Birth Chart!      
    • Uranus: "I STRIKE", lightning strikes, Aquarius is the revolutionary in your chart. It encourages future originality, surprises, shocks to the system and warrants independence, individuality and the unexpected. It demands freedom. It deals with drastic changes in your life, overnight.
    • Neptune: "I DREAM", Neptune is the planet of mystique, deception, dreams, what you cant see clearly, your imagination and whats going on. It is very mystical and spiritual. It's where all your fantasies and dreams reside but also where you aren't seeing CLEARLY what really going on. Neptune is like someone with bad eyesight. You can see what's going on but there is always a veil of secrecy that comes with this planet. It is where you can deceive even yourself, where you follow your imagination and your heart.
    • Pluto: "I TRANSFORM", Pluto rules over all your desires, however, it is ALSO CO-RULES Mars. These signs are not complementary. Pluto moves slowly where Mars rushes in, with a ladder. It's contradictory energy but always ends the same way.  Pluto is water, the OCCULT, the lifetimes of transformations you are used to making, you always emerge from a tragedy and transform into something much better suited to you. The 8th House, which Rules Pluto naturally, also deals with power, control, birth, death, sex, taxes, money, other peoples money, the mundane and physical and serious life transformations. 
    • P.S. it is impossible to calculate your personality based on JUST your sun/star sign alone!  Where do these planes fall in your chart, what sign is your Venus, Mars, your Moon, and your Mercury?
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