YOUR ZODIAC SIGN when Drinking/Under the Influence!

Aries: The Reckless One; “Why NOT have just one more?”

Taurus: Can be Gluttonous; “What damage could just a little more do?” Can I have a sip of your wine + a taste of what you have? 

Gemini: Boredom; “That is the only interesting thing I see other than my Doctor Jekyll Hyde personality”

Cancer: Compensation; “This is as close as I’ll get to what I need”

Leo: Self-indulgence; “I deserve this”

Virgo: The Analyst; “I can be bad and cheat, just this once”

Libra: Succumbs to Peer Pressure; “I will find the answers to anything disparaging”

Scorpio: Self-Destruction; “I WILL put an END to this”

Sagittarius: World Adventure; “I need to UNIVERSALLY experience this buzz”

Capricorn: Despair; “The only way left for me to go is TO fade away”

Aquarius: Innovation Expert; “I wonder what EVERYTHING life has to offer is like”

Pisces: Escapism; “I need, want and demand to forget my pain”