Cancer June forecast for 2013

Expect June to be a standout month where your love life is concerned, Cancer! Single or coupled, Venus enters your sign and is considered your best time of the year for love, appreciation and admiration. Single Cancers should get out and about and will discover that opportunities for a serious relationship are headed your way. Couples will find that they grow even closer during this transit that begins on 6/2 and lasts until 6/26. Additionally this month, Mercury will transit your sign bringing the ability to be effective, engaging and motivating where you interact with others in every way. The biggest news this month for you, Cancer, is the entrance of Jupiter into your 1st House. Jupiter will enter your sign on 6/25 and will stay there for an entire year, promising expansion, growth and movement in your life, personally and professionally. As June begins, make sure you are in tune with your personal and professional goals. Make a list of where you want or hope to be and make sure it is a true extension of your own hopes and wishes, not those you think you should have, It's time to make sure you follow your own path, regardless of what others surrounding you believe or think.  

Venus enters your sign on 6/2 and brings about more love, money and appreciation from others. You're in your element during this transit and you notice the accolades, admiration and appreciation headed your way. Your love life gains momentum and your creativity escalates throughout this transit that lasts until 6/26. You will enjoy the love and support you receive from those who matter most, Cancer.  

Mercury (Communications, travel and self-expression) will also be in your sign, Cancer. With Mercury in Cancer, you will feel restless and yearn for new experiences. You could begin making travel plans and feel the need to get your personal and professional matters settled. If you have plans to travel, make sure you schedule your destination before or around the Mercury retrograde that takes place in your sign at the end of the month. Mercury will retrograde in your sign on 6/26 until 7/20. Whenever Mercury retrogrades make sure to follow the tips on how to navigate this transit by REviewing, REvising and REwriting. The keyword is: Re.

Mars (Physical Energy/Motivation) will join Jupiter (Expansion) in Gemini, your 12th House of secrets, issues past and your subconscious mind. The 12th House is all about privacy and you could find during this time that some secrets come to light. This could directly involve you or someone close to you. You could find a new outlet for your creativity or something you do for fun. This transit promises growth and brings about movement and expansion to anything you do behind closed doors. 

A New Moon occurs in Gemini on 6/8. Mark this date on your calendar, as it can leave a lasting impression on you, Cancer. You will tap into your subconscious and notice that your powers of persuasion are on point. You could also come to conclusions about your inner self of which you were previously unaware. Self awareness and greater insight into your own motivations will be evident to you on this date. 

A Full Moon forms in Capricorn on 6/23 in your 7th House of marriage. This Full Moon is another day to mark on your calendar as the bigger relationships in your life cause you to scrutinize your personal and professional goals, hopes and wishes. Go with the flow and know that emotions, yours and those of others close to you, will be heightened. You gain a greater insight into your career and your love relationships. With Saturn involved in this Full Moon, the past could come into the present, Cancer. It's all about the foundations and structures you have created and built in your personal and professional life. The issue of time will be involved and so will your past efforts or lack thereof, Cancer.  

The signs of Gemini, Virgo and a Pisces play important roles.

Lucky colors - lavender and lilac