Sagittarius Weekly Forecast

Ruling Planet: Jupiter  
Polarity: Positive
Gender: Masculine
Element: Fire
Quality: Mutable 
Gem/Birthstone: Turquoise
Lucky colors: Pink, Light blue & Purple 
Body Areas: Hips, thighs and liver.
Your power numbers are # 3, 5 and 7.
Your luckiest number is # 5.
You're MOST admired for your Positivity!
Luckiest Day of the week is Thursday, Sagittarius!
Sagittarius Cities: Phoenix, Acapulco, Toronto, Toledo, Long Beach, Nottingham & Denver
Sagittarius Countries: Australia, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Singapore, Hungary, South Africa & Spain

Celebrity Sagittarius: Pope Francis, Tina Turner, Ben Stiller, Sinead O'Connor, Adam Brody, Judi Dench, Katie Holmes, Brittany Spears, Miley Cyrus, Brad Pitt, Jay-Z, Jonah Hill, Taylor Swift, Ian Somerhalder, Dean Ambrose, Scarlett Johansson, Steven Spielberg, Jake Gyllenhaal, Judd Apatow, Jimmy Hendrix, Bruce Lee & Nicki Minaj.

Sagittarius Weekly Astrology Forecast 
Weekly Astrology for Sagittarius

WEEKLY FORECAST FOR 6/15/2018 - 6/29/2019

Venus, the planet of love, your appearance, anything or anyone harmonious money, music, all things beautiful enters flashy, passionate and outgoing friendly Leo. Leo is a Fire sign and Venus is drawn to Taurus and Libra, (Earth and Air signs) With Venus in Leo, there is a sense of pride, confidence and feeling secure in the spotlight. So, where does Venus in Leo fall for you and where will you benefit bost. Venus entered Leo on 6/13 - 7/9. This is a great time to be generous to others, to trailblaze, flirt, get more involved in our kids lives, play with our furry friends, and be willing to take off at a moments notice. Leo rules the Sun and whenever Venus transits in Leo, Sagittarius can find a space safe that works. This place is also where you connect with a potential romantic partner. Jupiter in Scorpio and Mars in Aquarius, you might feel overwhelmed with emotions but hang in there, you have Venus in Leo, to balance out what seems baffling to you. You could question the sanity of others with Mercury in Cancer. Try and exercise more patience, tolerance, and understanding! 

Venus nows occupies your 9th House of foreign travel, publishing, spirituality, distant places, advertising, religion, higher ideals, overseas places and higher education, Sagittarius. Be sure to check dates, times and places twice if you need to be somewhere on time during Venus in the 9th House. The Sun enters in Cancer 6th House. Be sure not to misunderstand anthers pain, loneliness and or frustration regarding an ongoing health issue. This is the time for serious, deep and meaningful discussions with those you love regarding your plans for the future and theirs too, Sagittarius. A Gemini and a Virgo play serious roles.

WEEKLY FORECAST FOR 5/19 - 6/9/2018

In 2010, Uranus, The planet of surprise, electricity and lighting strikes entered Aries until this week. Now, the planet is in Taurus, the 2nd House of the zodiac. This transit lasts about 7 years total and will move on to impact the sign of Taurus most, now. Wherever Taurus (The House) is located in your chart, is where you feel, see, be surprised and live to tell about shocking, surprises and events; things that happen out of left field. It's not all bad, you could wind up in the very last place you suspected, with the very last person you expected and your life can turn around at a moments notice. So, where does Taurus Fall in your Horoscope plus where can you expect lightening bolts, shocks and surprises to occur for you in the next 7 years?

Aries: Your 2nd House of valuables, your self-worth, possessions, valuables, heirlooms and money.
Taurus: Your 1st House of image, your physical appearance and the image you make now!
Gemini: Your 12th House of secrets,mysteries, undoing, hospitals, institutions, jails and prisons.
Cancer: Your 11th House of friendships, groups, ex loves, humanitarian endeavors, elements of luck/timing. 
Leo: Your 10th House of public perception. Your reputation amongst peers, the public and friends.
Virgo: Your 9th House of spirituality, overseas, people from distant places, publishing and advertising.
Libra: Your 8th House of money, power and sex. Also, birth, rebirth and a total transformation.
Scorpio: Your 7th House of marriage, divorce, the legal system, legal matters and open enemies. 
Sagittarius: Your 6th House of health, daily routines, repairs/maintenance, money and routines.
Capricorn: Your 5th House of fun, hobbies, children, pets, taking risks, gambling and fun with love.
Aquarius: Your 4th House of home, family members, where you live, issues from the deep past, the discussion of motherhood. If you don't want to get pregnant, Aquarius, use protection!!!!! 
Pisces: Your 3rd House of short distance travel, siblings, the Internet, self-expression and the written and spoken word. 

All of you, meaning ALL 12 SIGNS - Keep track of things that happen and see why and how Astrology can/does work! 


The personal love planets of Mars (WHERE YOUR ENERGY IS FOCUSED) and Venus (WHO YOU FIND ATTRACTIVE AND WHO FINDS YOU ATTRACTIVE) have also changed signs, and on the 20th, The sun enters Gemini. It's a big week in Astrology but I will break it down for you in the simplest of terms.

Where you have THE MOST/DRIVE motivation & energy with Mars in Aquarius?

Aries: Your 11th House of friendships, groups, elements of timing and luck and ex loves.
Taurus: Your 10th House of public standing, amongst peers and with VIPs. 
Gemini: Your 9th House of overseas people, overseas places and faces. Publishing, spirituality and travel
Cancer: Your 8th House of sex, power, insurance, other peoples money, life threatening illness. 
Leo: Your 7th House of marriage, divorce, legal matters and professional/personal relationships.
Virgo: Your 6th House of health, wellness and repairs and maintenance. It could also be a job!
Libra: Your 5th House of children, lovers, taking risks, gambling, speculation, fun, hobbies and pets
Scorpio: Your 4th House of home, family members, where you live, have lived and will be living, the past.
Sagittarius: Your 3rd House of neighborhoods, your neighborhood and the Internet, self-expression
Capricorn: Your 2nd House of possessions, your self-worth and valuables
Aquarius:Your 1st House of image, presentation and physical appearance takes center stage!
Pisces: Your 12th House of secrets, solitude, enemies, secret projects, a secret romance, things kept hidden from view.

Where are you most popular for the next two weeks? What do you find aesthetically appealing, who are you most attracted to and what do you need to feel pretty. With Venus in Cancer, The spotlight is on Cancer, the sign ruled by the Moon. 

Aries: Your 4th House of motherhood, family, family members, where you live and issues from the deep past.
Taurus: Your 3rd House of the Internet, self-expression, siblings, short distance travel and neighbors.
Gemini: Your 2nd House of real-estate, money, property, valuables and your own self-worth
Cancer: Your 1st House of appearance and image matters most.
Leo: Your 12th House of secrecy, things that go bump in the night, solitude, a desire to seclude yourself from others.
Virgo: Your 11th House of friends, groups, timing, luck and ex loves.
Libra: Your 10th House of VIPs, those in power positions, your reputation and how others perceive you!
Scorpio: Your 9th House of higher learning, foreign people, foreign faces, overseas travel and publishing.
Sagittarius: Your 8th House of transformation, money, power, taxes, your sex life and other peoples money.
Capricorn: Your 7th House of marriage, divorce, relationships that require a legal signature and serious business transactions. A lawyer will be needed to read agreements and contracts. 
Aquarius: Your 6th House of health, everyday routines, wellness, mindfulness and money. 
Pisces: Your 5th House of children, animals, pets, taking risks, gambing, hobbies and fun times, games and laughter.

Sagittarius: Diversify, keep your options open, Sagittarius.  A special message relates to travel and appears out of nowhere. You receive a response to a request you made about a week ago. You will become more aware of who you are, why you're here and your spiritual values will become clarified.  An old acquaintance, possibly a Gemini or another Sagittarius has news to tell you. Get ready for an adventure, Sagittarius. The air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius have invitations, suggestions and ideas that can bring you fame and fortune. An Aries needs some extra TLC! 

A New Moon falls in Aries on 4/15. Aries is your 5th House as it rules passion, love and children for you, Sagittarius. On this New Moon, you could cement a new romantic relationship, a positive outlook on your love life and could involve a creative project of what you have been working on.  This month has a strong emphasis on taking risks, children and features your love life. There will be a heavy emphasis on time spent with a love, if coupled while singles will be celebrating a new romance and making plans to take their relationship in a serious and committed direction. Children will be discussed and news about an impending birth comes your way.  

The only downside to this romantic month will occur on 4/22.  Pluto turns retrograde in Capricorn, 2nd House of money, self-worth, fulfillment/security, real estate and personal possessions. This retrograde cycle lasts until September 30/18. During this time you notice that money issues and areas relating to your personal possessions experience setbacks and delays.      


Full Moon in Libra: You could be feeling disoriented or off balance. It will be extremely difficult to make a decisions and or get anything accomplished. It's a much better idea to socialize and meet friends that you really appreciate and can enjoy. Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn that goes double for you!

Full Moon in Libra

The Full Moon in Libra occurs on 3/31/2018 in the sign of Libra, the 7th House in Astrology. 

THE MOOD: Social, diplomatic and beauty loving. Everyone is at his or her MOST CHARMING! Manners and mannerisms are more gentle and loving. Any rough edges or red tape can be smoothed out and so can any previous disagreements. This is a great time to make up with someone you may have been on the outs with. In other words, make up and realize that life is too short for arguments! Since Libra also rules open enemies, try and come to a peaceful agreement as this is a perfect time to do so. We all want to share our love experiences, for better or for worse. If single, this Full Moon will give you the energy you need to find a new love, a special someone or just someone to spend time with. Romance will bloom during this Full Moon. It's a GREAT TIME for making a kind gesture for someone else. Send flowers, crack open the champagne, turn the MUSIC up and let the good times roll. Your Physical appearance, personal surroundings and or environment will be ULTRA important during this Full Moon. Dress to impress and know that physical attraction is in the air and the URGE TO MERGE is very much so present, personally, professional and socially with an emphasis on the way we present ourselves in public. 

It's a GREAT time to: Redecorate, beautify yourself, go out and dance, go to or throw yourself a party, make time for your love life, focus on a lover or partner, surprise someone with a gift, it's the thought that counts most! And lastly, make sure you look your very BEST!  

Full Moons are Good for:

Bring up attraction to the same/opposite sex. Think romance! 
Are great for harvesting crops
Bonding with your tribe
Coming forward with secrets 
Times of great creativity

Where will this placement bring you a fresh start, reality check or a new beginning? To read even more check out this  ARTICLE to see what areas will STAND out to you, additionally

ARIES: Your 7th House of marriage,open enemies, divorce and legal matters.
TAURUS: Your 6th House of work, routine and health
GEMINI: Your 5th House of fun, children and flirting
CANCER: Your 4th House of home and family
LEO: Your 3rd House of communications/internet
VIRGO: Your 2nd House of money/real estate
LIBRA: Your 1st House of image/personal appearance
SCORPIO: Your 12th House of solitude and secrets
SAGITTARIUS: Your 11th House of friendships
CAPRICORN: your 10th House of public recognition
AQUARIUS: Your 9th House of spirituality, foreign faces/places and publishing
PISCES: Your 8th House of power, sex, taxes and other peoples money


Planetary Observations for February 2/3 - 2/17/2018

Feb 10                   Venus enters Pisces  2/10 - 3/6

Feb 15                    New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

The big news this month is the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius. This new Moon falls in the sign of Aquarius. But, before that happens, the planet of love (Venus) will exit Aquarius and enter into Pisces from 2/10 - 3/6.  What does love have in store for your sign and learn about how this Eclipse will impact you. I have included the House sign this Eclipse falls for you below. For even more about Solar (Sun) Eclipses see below. Happy Valentines Day! xo

People are paying attention to you this month, Sagittarius! An Aries, Libra and a Pisces want to join in on the fun and games. Why not let them? You can expect to have a serious attraction to a Cancer or a Capricorn under the Aquarius transit. Why not show them a good time? Nobody does it better, Sagittarius! This month will spark sudden interest in turning mild relationships into something more committed. A Taurus or Libra will want answers on the 13th. Be sure you are playing by the rules with this Libra. The lunation will fall in your third house of trips and visits. Another Sagittarius can be your best companion throughout the month. There will always be places to go and people to meet whenever you deal with another Sagittarius.

A Taurus or a Virgo could surprise you on Valentines Day. You might be dreaming about that sexy Capricorn though. Play your cards “face up” in love this month, or suffer the consequences. You will notice strange behavior from friends and lovers on the 6th, 10th &12th. You could be yearning for some peace and quiet once the Sun transits through Pisces on the 19th. 

Sagittarius HOT hookups for Valentines Day 2004: Aries, Taurus Gemini, Leo and Aquarius

Check out Venus in Pisces Venus in Pisces and You! 



Planetary observations for THE WEEK OF 1/20 - 2/3/2018

Jan 17- Venus enters Aquarius

Jan 19 -  Sun enters Aquarius

Jan 26  Mars enters Sagittarius

Jan 31 Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo at 8:27 am


The Sun (SPOTLIGHT) and Venus (LOVE, MONEY, MUSIC AND POPULARITY) are now touring the11th House of Aquarius (SEE HOUSES IN ASTROLOGY). Aquarius is associated with the 11th House in Astrology, The planet Uranus ( the Unexpected/ Things /Events you never saw coming) and when the Sun and Venus travel together, expect to be dealing with the themes of the 11th House, not only personally but it's also where you will find a heavy emphasis on a universal scale as well. Now, it's a great time for strengthening friendships, trying something new and anything progressive and forward thinking. I have highlighted the 11th House the Houses in Astrology so you can learn even more about what Aquarius is about. On1/19 -2/20 (The Sun) and Venus 1/17/2018 - 2/10/2018 will spend time together and you will be most admired by the all of this action in Fire and Air Signs. Aquarius is in the spotlight and will be most popular, attractive and enticing throughout this transit.....


Your 3rd House of siblings, self-expression and communication. Siblings, neighborhood(s)/neighbors and short distance travel as opposed to overseas. 


This is an adventurous, romantic and restless Mars. Tread lightly with Sagittarius as the intensity of Scorpio is followed by the funny, adventurous, upbeat and extremely fickle Sagittarius. In fact, with this placement, love is like a game as long as it doesn't get too serious. This Mars has a wondering eye and tends to get bored easily. This Mars is also fond of travel, especially overseas, exotic types and will most likely settle down with a partner who gives her or him a long leash and is exotic in some way. This Mars doesn't want to be alone but also is known as a "love them and leave them type", so during this Mars cycle, tread lightly in love and know that it's best to keep things light, happy and upbeat. If you are not possessive or not prone to jealousy, this could be the woman or man or your dreams. Expect some intense and romantic encounters during this transit. Just make sure you avoid aggressive behaviors and impatience, Sagittarius. 

TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE IN LEO...................  

Full Moon - Lunar Eclipse on 1/31/2018 

THE MOOD - Watch your ego as egos will be touchy now and ready to explode. So are electrical appliances. Handle everyone with tender loving care today - bring out those velvet gloves. And watch your pocketbook! Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio all need to be careful of a tendency to overspend now.

A TOTAL Lunar Eclipse occurs in the sign of Leo, on 1/31! Leo is the 5th House of Astrology.  The 5th House is all about love, passion, children, taking risks, gambling and also focuses on hobbies. Every two years, Eclipses come in pairs of the same signs and remember, the energies of Lunar Eclipses can be felt up to three months, maybe more. These effects can last for months or sometimes years after, it all depends on your Chart and where this Eclipse occurs for you, what House and which degree. 

The Eclipse in Leo impacts your 9th House of travel, spirituality and your world views, Sagittarius. You could feel as though your past efforts are playing into your present, for better or for worse. It all depends on how fair you have been when it comes to higher learning, overseas travel and how you have treated others. You can find this week to be a time when you are restless, desire change and want to explore people from distant places and foreign lands. Someone special could be living at a distance from you, Sagittarius. A foreign country or foreign born person could consume you time and attention or you could desire to escape from it all and start over. Realize that people will be moody, tense and might make promises they cannot deliver this week. Listen to what a Taurus and a Scorpio tell you.

New Moon in Capricorn

The New Moon in the cardinal EARTH sign of Capricorn occurs on 1/16 - the 10th House in Astrology which Saturn is ruled by and where Capricorn feels ready for a fresh start in a new direction.

When the Moon is in Capricorn, it’s time to start taking care of business. This is not the time for practical jokes or taking unnecessary risks, as people will be ultra serious and in no mood for frivolous comments. Focus on getting your work accomplished, attend to all business affairs and notice that we will all have a stronger sense of focus, so take advantage of these next 2 ½ days to get things in order and cross off your “to do” list. Issues concerning your basic daily obligations, your family, older people, authority figures and even parents will be brought to our attention when the Moon is in Capricorn.

People will expect you to keep your word, promises and deliver on that which you have committed yourself to. It’s also an ideal time to get rid of whatever is not working in your life, period. Whether it’s an old sweater, a bad relationship or items that no longer serve a purpose for you, throw them out! Get rid of any and all dead weight in your life. This is not the time to take a risk or gamble. Since Capricorn rules the bones and teeth, this is an excellent time for getting dental work done and scheduling appointments to see doctors. Capricorn holds rulership over banks, authority figures, fathers, the government and big businesses. Expect these topics to make the news for the next couple of days.

On a personal note, the signs of Capricorn and Cancer will be getting their way in love affairs, business and in general. The signs Capricorn and Cancer will be in the spotlight during this transit. They will possess extra sex appeal, radiate charm and be highly regarded in their personal and business affairs. These signs can expect things to come easily for them, so step aside and watch out for Capricorn and Cancer. They could turn out to surprise you with their popularity.

THE MOOD: After the optimistic Sagittarius mood, we tend to enter a sobering time. Yes, it's time to get back to business and apply yourself. You can expect to get a lot of work done under the influence of this New Moon and know that your focus will be phenomenal. Everyone is in a no-nonsense mood with a tendency to want to use one another to climb the ladder of success. Save the laughs for another time as this is deadly serious Moon.

 People will admire those who have responsibilities that are met on a timely basis, those who exhibit  good self-control and organizational skills will stand out and be admired. Capricorn can make a fresh start during this New Moon. All signs will get to experience a new beginning, so wherever Saturn is in your chart - That will be YOUR fresh start. That House is where you will get a new beginning.

Remember that New Moons are considered prosperous and ideal times to begin new projects and relationships + with Saturn and Pluto also now in Capricorn, A Fresh start is in the air for Capricorn and how! You're looking exceptionally attractive to others in 2018 although at times, you might not

With Mars in Scorpio until 1/23 (Scorpio), AVOID accidents, tone down your impulses and or what appears to be aggressive or impatient and sloppy behaviors for ideal results! This applies to all 12 signs and is the feeling in the air as we navigate this major year in Astrology. This is the 1st New Moon of 2018.

It's a GREAT time to: Visit older relatives and friends, Plan your investment portfolio, dress to impress (Yes, labels matter very much to this sign, so make sure you wear your BEST clothes. In other words: Dress for success and to impress. Work overtime, impress your boss, organize your life and remain on top insurance, important documents and legal signatures. 

New Moons are good for:

A fresh start in a new direction
Making new friends
Cementing romance
Utilizing your physical energy
Planting seeds
Quitting a bad habit
Having fun with a group or that special someone
Plan ahead for good timing
Make a wish / Set an intention

Where will this placement bring you a fresh start, reality check or a new beginning? To read even more check out this   to see what areas will STAND out to you, additionally

CAPRICORN: Your 1st House of image, physical appearance and 
SAGITTARIUS: Your 12th House of seclusion and secrets
SCORPIO: Your 11th House of friendships
LIBRA: Your 10th House of public recognition:
VIRGO: Your 9th House of spirituality, foreign faces/places and publishing
LEO: Your 8th House of power, sex, taxes and other peoples money
CANCER: Your 7th House of marriage,open enemies, divorce and legal matters.
GEMINI: Your 6th House of repairs and maintenance and your daily routine
TAURUS: Your 5th House of fun, children and flirting
ARIES: Your 4th House of home and family
PISCES: Your 3rd House of communications/Internet
AQUARIUS: Your 2nd House of money/real estate

Week of 12/18 - 1/1/2018

As we near the end of a year, and what a year it has been, there are some key Astro events that will occur in 2018. Saturn (Lessons / Tests of maturity) will enter the home it rules naturally, Capricorn (The 10th House in Astrology), and Uranus (Shocks, surprises and things you never saw coming) will enter Taurus (The 2nd House in Astrology) + Jupiter will enter the sign it occupies also, which is Sagittarius. I will detail this on Addicted to Astrology and keep you updated when these events, a very big deal in Astrology. occur...


Today features a New Moon in your sign, Sagittarius. Your image and your home life could use some tweaking as there remains long standing issues which need to be resolved. Get to work on this today and the results can astound you by weeks end. Be of service to others as this is the ticket to your ultimate success, Sagittarius. Displaying tolerance for others who you might not agree with will bring you the greatest rewards. Travel, love and opportunities to express yourself via writing and publishing come your way. A Taurus and a Scorpio will be involved. Another Sagittarius will support you, no matter what!

Week of 11/3 - 11/18/2017

Full Moon in Taurus on 10/3
Venus enters Scorpio on 11/7 - 12/1
Mercury leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius on 11/5
New Moon in Scorpio on 11/18

This week, Venus (Planet of love, money, music and harmony) changes signs from Libra (Partnerships/marriage) into Scorpio (Sex and deeply committed relationships) on 11/7 and will remain in Scorpio until 12/1. Venus isn’t as comfortable in the sign of Scorpio as Venus is the planet that naturally rules Taurus and Libra but that doesn’t mean love isn’t in the air. Love is in the air and couples bond even closer during Venus in Scorpio. Scorpio is all about deeply committed relationships and sex and love can feel explosive with the right person! Your heart will know exactly where you stand during this all or nothing time in love and relationships.

This is a favorable time for Scorpios to begin new projects, initiate a new chapter and Venus can be generous when it comes to personal and professional affairs. Scorpios will benefit most from this transit that lasts until 12/1, so make the most of this powerful energy Scorpio! Tone down any hint of impatience or there could be some conflicts, misunderstandings and arguments.

All signs will feel the effects of Venus in the passionate and secretive sign of Scorpio but Scorpio has the most offers during this transit and can change/transform his or her life overnight if they wish to.

Where does the Full Moon and Venus in Scorpio impact your sign and how will this transit benefit you?

The Full Moon in Taurus transits your 6th House of daily work, health, your daily routines, responsibilities and your physical health and personal wellness. You find the energy of the this Full Moon to have you overly focused with regards to your health, exercise, proper nutrition and your goals as they pertain to being fit. Work also figures prominently during this time. This is an ideal time to begin an exercise regimen. You take up a passion for a special sport, work on repairs and maintenance or finally rid yourself of a bad habit, once and for all. You might notice that others are quick to criticize and it's a time when the cost of basic expenses can grate on your last nerve. Take a deep breath as you begin the day and realize you won't get everything on your to-do list done, Sagittarius. Make peace with that and you will enjoy the rest of the month. The earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and a Capricorn will make you feel safe. Venus will enter your 12th House of seclusion and secrets on the 7th. Expect some secrets to emerge that change everything. You will transform your health and your private life for the duration of November, Sagittarius. You admire a popular Pisces and find Scorpio too intense throughout the month.

Week of 10/16 - 11/1/2017

About Venus in Libra

Venus in Libra - This Venus placement is an outgoing, peace loving and partnership oriented Venus . Elegance, GRACE and refinement in all things are mandatory for you.  This Venus wants to share their life, making sure that love is reciprocated and harmony prevails. This is not a Venus who likes to be alone. Caution: if this placement is in your chart - you might settle with a partner rather than be alone and this can and will always back fire for you, so try and work on quality people as opposed to settling for just anyone. PARTNERSHIPS, business, love and legalities, legal matters, injustice and the fight for justice are where it's at during Venus in Libra.

About Venus in Libra and YOU!

Venus in Libra also demands UNITY, BALANCE AND BEAUTY in everything,  With The Sun, Mars and Venus in Libra, This is the TIME to have important discussions, business and personal. Libra loves nothing more than to keep the scales balanced and we all will be feeling the need, desire and urge to merge with a partner or companion with Venus in the 7th House, We all find ourselves taking inventory by making sure we ALL have quality people in love, business and our personal lives. Having status or lots of money will appeal now and so will socializing, parties and weekend getaways!. This also applies to legal matters. The 7th House is where we turn the emphasis away from work and deal with partners, past, present and future! It (Venus in Libra) loves to focus on art,beauty, the urge to merge AND Your marital status, whether that be single, married or living together. We find the energy shifts to love, legal matters, divorce and marriage during this transit that lasts until 11/7. P.S. Venus in Libra despises being alone. If you're single and reality kicks in, you won't be happy and will spend more time, money and energy into looking for a partner during this time. We will all awaken during this Venus transit as it is a great time to socialize, throw parties, show your romantic side, attract a lover with status and money, analyze your most important relationships, especially where love, work and any legal matters are involved. Libra and Aries command the LOVE spotlight during this transit as affection, love and admiration are coming for you, Libra. Aries will feel low on energy but can expect partnerships to undergo serious transformations. 

So where will you gain the most love and affection? I have created a list of where (What House) YOU can expect the most attraction, affection and loving energy. 


Venus enters/tours your 11th House of friends, hopes and wishes this week until 11/7, Sagittarius. You could be thinking of friends and lovers that you would love to reconnect with, if single. There are those you might have doubted who have ultimately proven you wrong and vice verse. Reach out to those individuals, social circles and family members who have always been there for you, Sagittarius. It's time to make peace with former enemies and take responsibility for mistakes made in the heat of an argument. Remember it takes two to tango!  On the flip side, you can expect increased social activity, group involvements and your wishes and hopes for the future will get clarified. An Aries, Taurus and a Virgo can surprise you, more so than you ever suspected. 

Week of 10/5 - 10/15/2017

The Moon grows full in Aries on 10/5. Aries is the 1st House in Astrology. It is a Fire Element, meaning it's passionate, confident and the center of attention in any room. Aries is ruled by passionate (Mars) and With a Full Moon in Aries opposing the Sun in Libra, Venus and Mars in Virgo, this week can be a very romantic time as our ardent sides emerge while pursuing love and or the object of your affection. But, there is also a pull as Aries wants independence but Libra seeks partnerships. There will be division, the need to speak up for what you believe in and be careful of accidents, as accidents have been known to occur when The Moon is in Aries.

The Full Moon focuses your attention 5th House of love, children, pets, gambling, speculation and creativity, Sagittarius. Additionally, with Venus in your 10th House, you might find yourself holding the power cards. With Mars, Venus in the mutable earth signs, this Full Moon, expect your friendships to be clarified for the better this week, focus on your hopes and wishes and take a risk!  Buy a lotto ticket or adventure out somewhere to have never been.. Avoid a tendency to remain with someone who takes, but gives nothing in return. Don't doubt yourself and your choices are yours Make choices that bring about balance in your most intimate relationships. It might be time to put your foot down and demand equality and a serious commitment in your most important love relationship, Sagittarius. A Gemini, Leo and a Taurus will offer wise advise. 

Week of 9/14 - 9/21/2017

We have a stellium in the sign of Virgo taking place this week. We have a The Sun (A planet in Astrology), Mars (Action/Physical Motivation and War) in Virgo, A New Moon occurring in the sign of Virgo on Tuesday, 9/19, and Mercury in Virgo. This is referred to as a stellium in Astrology. A stellium occurs whenever three or more planets fall in one House. Now we will have The Sun, Mars and Mercury and a New Moon in Virgo. Virgo is the 6th House in Astrology. On this New Moon, Venus (Love) will enter Virgo, leaving Virgo in the SPOTLIGHT~ Service, work, schedules, health and hygiene matters will capture OUR ATTENTION. It's an ideal time to focus on cleaning up messes, tidying up our professional lives, getting on a good schedule, tending to repairs and maintenance issues as well as tending to our health and being of service. With these 5 planets in the service oriented sign of Virgo, these areas take precedence and Virgo shines in all matters. Just avoid aggression with Mars in your 1st House, Virgo!

Expect health matters to come under public scrutiny with all of this planetary activity in the detail oriented sign of Virgo. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, is the sign of service to others and self, is considered Feminine - Yin Energy. Virgo also naturally rules the 6th House of health, wellness, (mind, body and spirit) and also covers areas such as our daily routines and deals with repairs and maintenance issues. It's a week of details, details and more details as a New Moon, The Sun and Mercury touring Virgo can bring about the desire to focus on our health, pay closer attention to the health and wellness of others and this week might find all signs having a strong desire to clean up messes of any kind in your own life as Virgo is meticulous and is obsessed with order, service to others/self and meeting his or her obligations, mind, body and spirit. On the New Moon, Venus enters into Virgo making it Virgo time to capture attention, praise and adoration from the same and opposite sex. Expect assistance from Males (Mars) and Females (Venus). 

Have a wish or desire, Virgo? Set your intention for the New Moon as the New Moon in Your Sign is considered your Solar New Year in Astrology. With Venus in Virgo, the other earth signs of Taurus and Capricorn will be favored in their romantic and professional endeavors. With Mercury, Mars, The Sun and a New Moon all touring in Virgo, It's time to focus on the practical side of matters and this applies to all signs, but the earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn will feel these effects most strongly on the New Moon with Venus adding to the mix. 

The mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and a Pisces WILL possess a way with words and be excellent communicators.

So, where does Virgo fall in your chart and what does this mean for you personally?

Sagittarius: Virgo is your 10th House of prestige, VIPs, career, superiors and deals with those in power positions. Expect a nice surprise from a Taurus or Virgo. A Capricorn is serious about what they tell you. 


Week of 3/2-3/9/2017 

The Suns transit through Pisces influences your your 4th House of home, relatives, issues past, motherhood and puts a strong emphasis on your home life, Sagittarius. It's going to be a memorable week, Sagittarius! The Suns transit of Pisces will heighten your intuition and bring about a stronger connection to your home, past and family life, Sagittarius.

Lucky Sagittarius! Venus and Mars, the intimate planets that attract love and good things your way continues its transit of your 5th House of children, creative projects and passionate encounters. Mars will exit Aries on 3/9, so this gives Sagittarius another week to get these areas going to your liking, whether that's having  children, working on a creative idea, engaging in a romance or taking a risk. These areas will continue to work in your favor as long as you don't lose your temper, as Mars has been known to cause many a fight, this is the very last thing you need this week, Sagittarius. Having this placement in your 5th House is exciting so make the most of it, single or coupled. Singles have several choices of admirers to choose from. 

The signs of Gemini, Virgo and another Sagittarius will play key roles in your week and prove to be your allies. A Pisces would love to hear from you! 

Week ending 3/2

Sagittarius: Pisces is your 4th House of residence, relatives and deals with the subject of motherhood and issues from the deep past. This week, the Sun + Neptune and a New Moon / Solar Eclipse all in Pisces promise to bring these areas such as your home life, issues of motherhood, your relatives and issues past to come to your direct attention or present you with an offer you might have to stop and seriously think about. Either way, Sagittarius will be in a reflective mood this week. Pay attention to what transpires on  2/25 & 2/26. You feel challenged or tested by someone you trust with all of the watery energy of Pisces in the air, Sagittarius. Avoid misunderstandings by stating the facts, not your idea of what the facts are. A brand new chapter might occur where your home, travel, relatives and  the topic of motherhood are involved. Expect a Taurus or a Scorpio to tug at your heartstrings. An Aries could also play a big role in your week as relocating might be in the cards and on your agenda as well. 


Weekly Forecast 2/16 -2/23

Venus (Love and Money), Mars (Sexuality/Drive and Aggression) as well as Uranus (Shocks and surprises) will transit impulsive Aries this week bringing the love, admiration and attention to romance, Sagittarius. Why? Aries is your 5th House of love, creative projects and deals with children and taking risks. With the planets of love (Venus) surprises (Uranus) and Sexuality (Mars) in your 5th House, you can expect smooth sailing where these areas are involved this week, Sagittarius. Venus will be in the compatible fire sign of Aries for two months, so you should enjoy the passion,energy and fast paced events of the week. With Venus and Mars in your 5th House, a new romance can transpire, an existing one heats up and activities you enjoy all the applause and admiration from others closest to you. Personal and confidential to Sagittarius: Areas like CHILDREN bring surprises that make you beyond happy, you could win MONEY with games of chance, PASSION heats up and hobbies will bring great fulfillment, so make the most of this transit of constant surprises and shocks when it comes to your 5th House of that lasts for an extended stay. You might also get a time off and travel with a love during this time or get some extra time to focus on hobbies, so look around and see where you are getting the most praise, attention and admiration and you can bet it involves a recent surprise dealing with these very areas, Sagittarius. A Virgo, Aries and a Pisces have news to share with you, bring laughter and insight into your life this week, Sagittarius

You're in the spotlight on the 22nd & 23rd
Take some time off - no matter how much you think you shouldn't: the 21st
Reach out to a Scorpio on the 20th

Weekly Forecast 2/10 - 2/16/2017

A Lunar Eclipse occurs in the sign of Leo, on 2/10/2017! Leo is the 5th House of Astrology.  The 5th House is all about love, passion, children, taking risks, gambling and also focuses on hobbies. Every two years, Eclipses come in pairs and  remember, the energies of Lunar Eclipses can be felt up to three months, maybe more. and these effects can last for months or sometimes years after, it all depends on your Chart and where this Eclipse occurs for you, what House and which degree. Remember that there are degrees involved in each of our charts, so it would be impossible to tell you exactly how this will play out, BUT, I have included my weeklies and make sure you check out the Lunar and Solar Eclipses in 2017 article to learn more. Sometimes its fun to go back and see how the eclipses impacted your life. But, it's not over yet! There will be another Eclipse on 2/26, this one is a Solar Eclipse. The good news about Solar Eclipses are that they stand out because the Sun and the Moon travel together. For more on this culmination of Eclipses and what they mean for you, I devised this article that I wrote over a twenty year period of time. It's for those of you who want to get a general idea of how these energies will play out for you.

The Eclipse in Leo impacts your 9th House of travel, spirituality and your world views, Sagittarius. You could feel as though your past efforts are playing into your present, for better or for worse. It all depends on how fair you have been when it comes to higher learning, overseas travel and how you have treated others. You can find this week to be a time when you are restless, desire change and want to explore people from distant places and foreign lands. Someone special could be living at a distance from you, Sagittarius. A foreign country or foreign born person could consume you time and attention or you could desire to escape from it all and start over. Realize that people will be moody, tense  and might make promises they cannot deliver this week. 


With the New Moon in Aquarius, on January 27th (Evening) and the Chinese New Year beginning the next day on January 28th, In 2017, The Chinese New Year + A New Moon is considered an auspicious time to launch a new strategy or plan, especially one that makes you believe that you’re making a contribution, since Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian and New Moons bring new intentions and new beginnings. With a New Moon in the individualistic, innovative and forward thinking sign of Aquarius, its time to begin working on new paths and focus on that which unifies people, not divides them. Aquarius additionally rules the 11th House of friendships, hopes, wishes and group involvements.

P.S. This is also a big week due to both Venus and Mars (The personal love planets) occupying the dreamy, intuitive and mystical sign of Pisces. Pisces also deals with fantasies, escapism, imagination and illusion. Pisces is in the spotlight this week, especially where love, business and their (Pisces) image is involved.

I have included the House that this New Moon in Aquarius falls in for YOU below.

Sagittarius: The New Moon forms in your 3rd House of communications, travel and siblings. Neighborhood and community matters could also be involved, so know that this is where you will feel luckiest, Sagittarius. Good news! Mars and Venus occupy Pisces, your 4th House of home and family. Expect to see your greatest motivation come from home life, where you live now, relatives, the issue/topic of motherhood and issues from the past to be areas that favor you! You're a mutable sign by nature and so is Pisces, so expect great rewards, admiration and satisfaction in all areas relating to self-expression, short distance travel and family matters. An Aries and a Libra play key roles in your week, Sagittarius.