Venus in Scorpio until 11/31

This is a favorable time for Scorpios to begin new projects, initiate a new chapter and Venus can be generous when it comes to personal and professional affairs. Scorpios will benefit most from this transit that lasts until 10/6, so make the most of this powerful energy Scorpio! tone down any hint of impatience or there could be some conflicts, misunderstandings, and arguments.

Best advice: If you are a Taurus or a Scorpio, NOW is an ideal time to begin a new chapter, love affair, start a new business and generally make the most of this time as Mars promises to bring you good timing in your personal and professional life. Why Taurus? Because Taurus is Scorpios 7th House of marriage and legal contracts. 

All signs will feel the effects of Venus in the passionate and secretive sign of Scorpio but Scorpio has the most offers during this transit and can change/transform his or her life overnight if they wish to.

Where does Venus in Scorpio impact your sign and how will this transit benefit you?   

So where does the VENUS in Scorpio fall for you?

Aries: YOUR 8TH HOUSE of sex, money, and secrets!
Taurus: YOUR 7TH HOUSE of marriage, business boom, and legal documents
Gemini: YOUR 6TH HOUSE of health, repair, maintenance, money, and your routine
Cancer: YOUR 5TH HOUSE of children, romance, taking risks, hobbies and babies.
Leo: YOUR 4TH HOUSE of issues from the past, relatives and where you live now!
Virgo: YOUR 3RD HOUSE of communications. your neighborhood and siblings
Libra: YOUR 2ND HOUSE of valuables, personal possessions, and real estate
Scorpio: YOUR 1ST HOUSE of Image/physical appearance so, hit the shops, like now!
Sagittarius: YOUR 12TH HOUSE of secrets, seclusion, a private relationship.
Capricorn: YOUR 11TH HOUSE of friendships, hopes/wishes, and ex-loves.
Aquarius: YOUR 10TH HOUSE of status, your public standing, and your career
Pisces: YOUR 9TH HOUSE of publishing, overseas travel, people from distant lands and is a great time for advertising or promoting yourself and your business! 

ATTRACTION, Secrets, SEX, and money 

Venus in Scorpio…….This is a DEADLY serious and intense placement. SCORPIO got its reputation AS sexy (most likely because they rule that part of the human body) in Astrology.  It’s almost as if you love to test the limits WITH VENUS IN SCORPIO. THIS PLACEMENT makes you a demanding lover, expecting body, mind, and soul. You love mysteries, secrets and are attracted to the unknown, so be careful of going for the "sizzle" and not the "steak" with this placement, personally and professionally!.  

During Venus in Scorpio, we all tend to not know the entire story but we will as the month comes to an end. Answers will be elusive plus we will see the themes of the 8th House mentioned, occurring and a strong emphasis on life, sex, SECRETS, and money issues. The 8th House is a money House. It's about other peoples money, your money and almost borders on an obsession with money. Legacies and inheritances happen here!  It's highly sexual and passionate but can also be deceptive, such as revealing a private secret, a strong focus on money and sex and scandals! The good news? With Jupiter also in Scorpio, we now see (Expansion) what has been kept hidden is suddenly revealed. The New Moon begins on the 7th and joins Jupiter for one last night together..This planetary change into Sagittarius lightens up the MOOD but with the Jupiter and The Sun in Scorpio, expect extremes or relationships to become all or nothing (Scorpio Component). It's a time when we must be accountable for anything done in private. Venus will remain in Scorpio until the 31st of October.(VENUS IN SCORPIO rx ~ 9/9 -18 10/6/18) then rx in Scorpio until 10/31 when it retrogrades back one sign into Libra (Justice? / Marriage, divorce, legal issues, documents, signatures and all-encompassing the legal system, if you want to call it that, nowadays. : \ Venus will turn on the 31st of October and resume in Libra until the 16th of November., retorgading in Libra. 

 What House does Venus (Love, harmony, attraction, money, and music) in Scorpio fall for YOU?

Aries: YOUR 8TH HOUSE of death, personal transformations, and physical ones
Taurus: YOUR 7TH HOUSE of marriage, serious lovers, past partners, and present ones.
Gemini: YOUR 6TH HOUSE of routine, money and how you make a living via your job.
Cancer: YOUR 5th HOUSE of children, household pets, love, passion, flirtation, and fun.
Leo: YOUR 4TH HOUSE of motherhood, issues from the past and a possible end of a cycle.
Virgo:YOUR 3RD HOUSE of your neighborhood, community issues, and the internet.
Libra: YOUR 2ND HOUSE of values and self-worth
Scorpio: YOUR 1ST HOUSE of appearance, new beginnings, and expansion
Sagittarius: YOUR 12TH HOUSE of solitude, hospitals, and secrets coming to light
Capricorn: YOUR 11TH HOUSE of ex-lovers, community gatherings and socializing more
Aquarius: YOUR 10TH HOUSE of public image, public recognition, authority figures & VIPs
Pisces: YOUR 9TH HOUSE of foreign travel, contracts, people and places far away.