Your Pets and Astrology

Some of the most energetic and active pets are born under the sign of Aries. They love workouts and are not easy to subdue. They do whatever they want and make plenty of noise yet are so outgoing and charming they will perform tricks to entertain your friends and family. These pets take center stage. They admire their owners and cannot wait until you come home from a long day at the office. These pets are naturally assertive and make excellent natural security guards of your home. Forget an alarm system. Get an Aries dog to watch your possessions. These fun-loving pets love being first, can be dominating and have been known to display compulsive behaviors at times. Aries dogs need the freedom to roam, can be prone to head injuries and will resist being on a leash. These Mars ruled pets are fast and can chase other pets in the neighborhood and will wander off if not tended to.  Special tip for Aries pet owners: Introduce new games and toys into the mix. The head, eyes, and ears of Aries pets are prone to illness so be sure and get them checked regularly for injuries to this area.

Taurus pets are lazy, indulgent and love to sleep and lounge. Luxurious fabrics, a plush bed or a soft blanket will make Taurus feel secure and pampered. Provide this pet with the utmost care. Venus ruled, your Taurus pet wants tons of pampering and prefers a delicious meal. To make a Taurus pet happy, make sure you provide diverse, fresh and comfort foods like treats. The Taurus pet loves affection and appreciates any attention, affection and can sense admiration. This pet prefers to chill out and lie around all day long. Not one to enjoy exercise, Taurus prefers to chill. They can be loyal yet also can be extremely stubborn. Your Taurus pet prefers to stick close to home and prefer not to leave the creature comforts of their home and family life. Taurus is known as a pet that rarely, if ever, runs away. They're too loyal to their owners. They tend to gain weight easily so keep a watchful eye on their food intake. This pet will love family time and the bigger the family, the better. These pets have a gentle nature and just want your undivided attention and affection.

Ruled by the planet Mercury, This is the most social, attractive and outgoing dog of all twelve signs, Gemini pets have loud distinct barks and make a lot of noises. If you trained this pet, he/she could talk. They need mental stimulation or they can become withdrawn, sullen and rebellious. Gemini pets crave variety, freedom and refuse to adhere to any set routine. They are intelligent, entertaining and can learn new tricks easier than most dogs. Studious and serious by nature, these dogs do everything at an accelerated pace. Expect your canine companion to eat, walk and move faster than the other pets do. Innovative by nature, these dogs will leave your home and roam the neighborhood.  This keeper can invent original stunts and precocious moves and have a zest for life that will keep them young even when they are old. Fun is the word for Gemini pets, though, their paws or legs or any kind of lower limbs can be their weak spots. Make sure your buddy goes and gets regular doctors visits.

Moody by nature, Cancer pets need to be a part of a family. They are prone to stomach and digestive problems and need regular meals controlled consistently. Keep them away from emotional stress, as they are generally very intuitive and sensitive. Family problems may upset a Cancerian pet, too. The Cancer pet loves to play with kids and snuggle up with their owners. On bad days, they hide. Cancer pets can be quite possessive about their toys and their family members. This intuitive Cancer pet doesn't want to ever be left alone when the family goes on a trip. They are loyal to their last breath and are known for their affectionate warmth for the family they live with. You will always be loved with a Cancer pet. They have good manners, so reward them accordingly.

Rulers like kings and queens, Leonine pets are as charming as they are show-offs. They can be a little lazy and aloof and want just about everything perfect like their favorite meals, being washed and groomed regularly and being the focus of attention, always. However, they are capable of undying love and fierce loyalty. The Leo pets are family and neighbors alike and manage to gain their attention. They can be quite demanding at times but are courageous and strong, when the opportunity arises and are known to perform heroic deeds.

With picky Virgo pets, you may need a lot of patience. Simple food served on time and a strictly observed routine is a mist with them. Order and schedule are their first love and they can be hypochondriacs when it comes to their health. If you follow a set and stable routine, they are easy to care for and you can enjoy walking with your Virgo pet at the same time every day on your usual route. They Virgo pets like to be neat and clean. They do not need much besides hygiene and routine and won't expect new toys much. They can be good guards because of the attention they pay to details.

Playmates mean a lot to a Libra pet. Companionships form the lifeline of Libra pets and they cannot stand to be left alone. Their social circle is necessarily large or they may start crying and whining. Harmony at home is essential for them as these animals are too good at picking up bad vibes instantly. They like to be groomed properly, lead a good life and eat well. They love traveling to and are quite of masters who take them to the corner regularly. They are very eager to please too.

Scorpio pets are mysterious and loners by nature. They love to wander, are more independent and self-sufficient and are strong-willed. They may go for an adventure along for days but know that they will always come back. They get irritated when they don't have a family bed on his or her personal space is a must for the sultry but loyal Scorpio pets. They are extremely loyal and would not suffer even if death occurs, Scorpio pets are known for their loyalty. Emotional and intuitive at once, they will be with you whenever you are sad. They are sometimes too curious for the taste of their owners and may search out the garbage cans. You have to be careful that they do not bring something disgusting in the home with them, taking it to be a fancy treat.

Sagittarius pets are happy-go-lucky types. They are always happy, extremely energetic and playful. Sag pets seem to be claustrophobic and need space. They are quite a companion for hiking trails or camping trips. They love to wander off and get plenty of exercise while they're at it. However, delighted to be with a family, they always come back and are great with kids.

Capricorn pets are serious, deliberate, cautious and do not like to take risks. Conservative in nature, Capricorn pet amuses itself by watching other animals at play and like to help out and work hard. Cap dog can fetch the newspaper while a Capricorn horse can help you to lock the barnyard animals. Cap pets are stable and serene and like a happy family and a comfy home. Work is their exercise and they like to be needed to do your chores. Capricorn pet is not hard to train and has immense self-control. It dutifully follows the family rules and is quite self-reliant and contended to fend off for himself while the family is away. They don't need much physical affection but like to be neat and clean and brushed regularly. Their bones and teeth might need special attention.

Eccentric by nature, Aquarius pets are unusual, quirky and strange. They can be finicky at times and loves the freedom to express itself and hate to be leashed or put in close quarters. They love to socialize and mix easily with people and other animals. Aquarian pets learn from other animals more quickly and may take to vegetarian food easily for the sake of novelty. They are individualistic in nature and won't easily sit on your lap for long. If you don't try to cuddle them often, they prove to be good companions. They are known to set their own terms and can be quite shy and seem lost at first. They love to flaunt too and are quite smart in learning new lessons and tricks. Never boring, these pets are quite rebellious in nature.

Pisces pets live in their own fantasy world and thus seem lazy. They are sweet but don't expect much from them. They are caring and sympathetic and can sense that you are upset and try to cheer you up. Piscean dogs will gladly lay in your lap and lick you with affection. Pisces pets are known to follow their masters like shadows and are contented with little. However, they always like to be near you. Piscean are known to be crazy for your food and prefer lots of water intake, so exercise control with their diet.