Monthly November Forecast - At a glance! 2018

Whenever the Sun changes into a new sign in Astrology, this triggers a monthly cycle of change where your horoscope is involved. Now, the Sun enters Scorpio  (10/23/18 - 11/23/18). So, where will this impact YOU and what are the areas (Houses) that will be highlighted during this time?

Aries - Your 8th House of sex, money, and power. The 8th House also rules deeply committed relationships, money, other peoples money, death, weird and strange encounters, Aries. Play wisely! Scorpio is a Water Sign and you're a Fire Sign. You are intrigued with Scorpio and don't mind playing with Fire, but the atmosphere might get too intense even for you and that says a lot, Aries. The good news?  You could catch a financial break on a mortgage, inherit a personal possession, be dealing with a recent ending only to experience a 180 transformation. Call it a rebirth! Expect to have offers to make MORE MONEY. It's a powerful month for you ARIES especially where making money is involved. This transit brings out your curiosity, sex appeal and interest in anything strange, mysterious, unusual PROMISES to intrigue you. But you tend to stress out needlessly. And no one wants to be around a Debbie or Donnie Downer.

Taurus - Your 7th House of marriage, contracts, open enemies and divorce. You could find this transit to be physically exhausting, draining or just find yourself low on energy but doing exceptionally well in business and personal matters. You need to know that you don't have all of the facts and figures that you believe you do. In other words, NEVER SAY NEVER. An ongoing feud (is it really that worth it?) finds you trying to find the perfect balance between being alone versus the benefits a romantic partner or professional alliance. You need SECURITY more than you profess to, TAURUS. Realize that there is no such thing as perfection, we all need hugs, a good home cooked meal and you're no different from the rest of us. 

Gemini - Your 6th House of health, getting shit done, repairs, maintenance, and your daily routines, Gemini! Make sure these areas are organized and functioning smoothly. You don't want any past mix-ups to creep in and invade your present. might be nervous about mistakes. Past actions, words, and deeds come front and center.  Beware of ACCIDENTS, get centered, remain alert to anything having to do with fitness, weight, diet, your job, and health. If you have any aches and pains, it's a good time to hit up doctors, appointments, pay overdue bills, clean out your closets, organize and catch up on your to-do list. Remain aware, alert and leave a little EXTRA TIME for yourself, Gemini. 

Cancer - Your 5th House of kids, unadulterated fun, gambling, taking risks, speculation, hobbies, love, and playful affairs, speculation, household pets, and even gambling are topics that dominate. Now, you emerge, shock and surprise your friends with plans for a NEW START in a fresh direction. You will connect with these areas 24/7 this month. Single Cancer might not be looking for love, If single, you find even more than love, you find a HOBBY you have that can make you rich by changing your life. Take some time to brainstorm. If you could have a wish come true, what would it be? You can do anything you set your mind to and you always do, Cancer 

Leo - Your 4th House of family, home, where you live, issues such as motherhood, the past, endings, and relatives PLAY a larger than life role during this time. You need to feel safe, secure and sound with your family life, Leo. If something doesn't feel right, or someone seems off, you need to do some serious SNOOPING because what you are being told is not what is happening. CREATE boundaries and be careful of speaking impulsively because something you wrote in the past, such as a love letter, text message or email could create a new take on an old relationship or just clarify what you suspected all along.   

Virgo - Your 3rd House of communications, THE INTERNET, siblings, neighborhood matters, neighbors and short distance travels and your intellect/self-expression come into play during this time. The Sun is powerful and compatible in Scorpio, Virgo. This is your House of how people see you express yourself, via written and spoken communications. The Internet, such as an app, schools, neighbors, and writing are BIG focuses during the first two weeks of November.  How you have treated an ex-lover will come back and somehow find its way into the gossip mill. Fess up before you get caught up in a web of communication snafus.

Libra - Your 2nd House of possessions, treasures, those people and places that you VALUE highly. It's all about these areas for you during the Sun in your 2nd House. Are you enjoying the benefits of downsizing, streamlining and finding your balance, romantically? You love your treasures and put a high value on yourself. Money comes and goes, and you, more than most, understand what a difference MONEY can make. Sometimes you need a little something for JUST YOU, Libra. You could see an increase in cash via your bank account, SO If ever there was a time to buy yourself something, it's ideally a good time to scout out your Holiday list because items you love now will go down in price significantly later in the month. Just avoid paying more than what you believe is reasonable.  

Scorpio - Happy Birthday, Scorpio! - Your 1st House of appearances, your public image, 1st Impressions, and possible new beginnings in this area, Scorpio. Either way, it's time to emerge from your cocoon and go out for a change and be seen. EXPECT compliments galore about your smile, beauty and even down to the way dress but with Venus under the influence of this retrograde is softened with Jupiter + The Sun in Scorpio. So, with this placement, the normal protocol no longer applies, Scorpio. You will be radiant and alluring this month and you could find some great pieces to add to your wardrobe, so Scorpio, this finally ends mid-month, Yes, Venus exits retrograde Libra on the 16th  You attract admiration, affection and make excellent progress where your image is involved if even for a few days or moments. Just be your AUTHENTIC  self in order to gain the upper hand in any situation + hitting the gym only makes you look better, so work on the big picture, internally and externally.  

Sagittarius - Your 12th House of secrets, the down low, solitude and spending time behind closed doors, possibly with a love by your side, Sagittarius. You could also be dealing with the topics of people in isolation, prisons, hospitals, and places of confinement. This is your low cycle time of year, Sagittarius. Don't feel pressured into confiding or confessing to anyone. There are those who will try and exploit you in some way so, don't give THEM NO SATISFACTION. Working alone/SOLO during this time can benefit YOU more so than YOU might suspect, Sagittarius.   

Capricorn - Your 11th House of friendships, your hopes and wishes, elements of luck and good timing, groups, organizations, affiliations and collecting whatever is owed to you. Capricorn will notice that these properties come front and center during the Suns wild ride under the influence of Scorpio on 10/23 - 11/23/18. Spend time with friends, socialize, focus on your deepest hopes and fondest wishes. REALIZE utilizing social media, computers, electronics and the like can make you a billionaire, like insta-famous and overnight! And I know you know this. Whatever you do for the first two weeks of November, keep moving and refuse to take no for an answer!  Don't follow, succumb or hang with the "NAYSAYERS" and make sure your friends are an extension of you, Capricorn. The rest CAN take care of itself. Have some faith or remain in your bubble, it's entirely up to you!

Aquarius - Your 10th House of status, government, prestige and your reputation for HARD WORK and dedication, Aquarius. With Venus retrograde in Scorpio, love could heat up MORE than you ever suspected but so could your temper, Aquarius. Tread lightly when it comes to any interference, personal or professional. You might wish to make amends to or for something only you know about. You captivate the public, command respect and many could are secretly envious of your power, presence, and ability to discuss politics effectively. All you have to do is show up and everything else falls into place, Aquarius.   

Pisces - Your 9th House of foreign/overseas travel, publishing, invoicing, advertising, possible legal affairs, people who live at a distance from you. YOUR SPIRITUALITY comes alive. You discover foreign cultures and customs that will intrigue you. It's time for an escape, and you're craving a romantic trip with someone special. You could also make plans or TRAVEL overseas this month. Your Water element is in sync with Cancer and Scorpio (Also both Water signs) so, you can expect November to be filled with your kind of energy and a strong focus on all properties of the 9th House, Pisces.   

Painting by Regina Siira