New Moon in Scorpio, November - 2019 - Power, Sex, Control and Secrets...

New Moon in Scorpio

The New Moon in Scorpio occurs in the FIXED-WATER sign of Scorpio, the 8th House in Astrology. 

New Moons are GREAT/IDEAL time(s) for:

A fresh start in a new direction
Making new friends
Cementing romance
Utilizing your physical energy 
Planting seeds
Quitting a bad habit
Having fun with a group or that special someone
Plan ahead for good timing
Make a wish / Set an intention

Where will this New Moon bring you a fresh start, intention, or the birth of someone or something? To read even more check out this ARTICLE: to see what areas will STAND out to all signs, look to the 8th House (Scorpio)! The Sun, Jupiter, and New Moon bring Scorpios a relief from recent stresses. With Jupiter in Scorpio,, it's time for some eccentric personalities to enter your world. Additionally, In order to UNDERSTAND the 8th House, you have to pay attention to what is happening in the world when New and Full Moons occur.

 As we navigate these transits, the only way to really see how they play out is to have awareness(study/have a fascination), be a curious person who wants to learn everything ABOUT ASTROLOGY, take a class/read a book or if you're super SERIOUS, test it yourself, you only need to look around and see what transpires when all of this planetary energy manifests in Scorpio. Since Scorpio is all about SEX & POWER +The Sun (SPOTLIGHT), Jupiter (EXPANSION) Venus rx (ATTRACTION, ATTENTION going backward) + A NEW MOON (BEGINNINGS) in Scorpio, we will continue to learn SECRETS, EXPERIENCE EXTREMES, SCANDALS, REVERSALS OF FORTUNE AND SUDDEN ENDINGS, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health and that's very intense, requires razor-sharp focus and serious determination. Scorpio is Ruled by Pluto (the planet) and co-ruled by Mars (also a planet), so if you want to know how this planetary lineup also influences and contributes to this stellium and YOU on 11/7, Astrologers must look at an entire chart before because if a ruling planet is retrograde, that changes the game and means a slow down (not good for any beginnings) and right now, were in retrograde with a stellium of planets, Uranus, Neptune and Venus retrograde in Libra while Mars (the co-ruler of Scorpio. ruler of Aries) occupies Aquarius. A placement where Mars (Males) is functioning normally but Libra retrograde tends to damper almost everyone spirits. Scorpio you have just had an enormous year and the best is yet to come, so remained focused, balanced and in shape, physically, mentally and you might find your body image undergoes big changes or a complete transformation. Happy Birthday and New Year! xx

The 8th House is such a mystery to many, myself included! I believe it's because it's so misunderstood, so random and has such odd, diverse and contrasting properties. But, it's a POWERHOUSE where lives change overnight, the truth long hidden comes to light and by choice or no choice, especially of Scorpios own and where YOU have this placement in your chart - THE 8TH HOUSE. As I've studied this sign and house extensively for 30 + years, I've concluded that (in my opinion) it's the House of PHYSICAL TRANSFORMATION, self-sacrifice, MONEY, SEX, crime, how one handles sudden power, MONEY and control in general, inheritance matters, legacies, other people's money, the paranormal, supernatural and drastic sudden endings, so avoid playing games with any ones heart (Scorpio) because YOU can easily break YOUR own, so BE AWARE of this, if you are a Scorpio Sun or Rising Sign. You can push the right lovers away or exhibit serious pride which will ALWAYS backfire! Scorpio (YOU) need(s) to learn to be vulnerable, be willing to share everything and merge with a lover 110% and IDEALLY, display that sense of humor that draws potential loves to YOU, left and right. It's not that Scorpio doesn't have constant options, it's just that YOU (SCORPIO) are picky in love and YOUR pride, intensity and mystery can destroy even the strongest of bonds, so if you're a Scorpio, let a lover know how they make you feel calmly tell them about your life, share your friends and ideally utilize diplomacy and you're almost guaranteed the results you WANT, Scorpio or don't and suffer the consequences. Use (ALL SIGNS) this New Moon and Planetary lineup to your advantage and know your life is about to embark on an incredible journey in 2018. SPECIAL LOVE TIP, SCORPIO: YOU can make tremendous monetary gains in all properties related to your House sign: Tell someone your TRUE FEELINGS as they happen, so that "nothing unsaid" is ever left open to misinterpretation in your communicating, texting and interacting with a love. And the biggest love tip is that YOU need to learn to FORGIVE others who have in fact, deceived you, because once you do, you find that ideal love or they find you, you can have a long-lasting marriage OR relationship of a lifetime. It has been said that you tend to only have one true love in life, so if this is truly the case, choose wisely Scorpio.


The 8th House rules EXTREMES but it also rules physical transformations, purification, and UFOs. It represents waste, death but it can regenerate FASTER than any other? It's the House of life-threatening illnesses and mortgages, accounting taxes?? Hence, this is most likely why Scorpio has this reputation as one of the most mysterious Houses and Astrological Signs. FYI - Scorpio doesn't have this reputation for no reason. But, just because they are ruled by sex, doesn't mean their sex lives will always be fulfilling. They often have long periods of celibacy between relationships  Scorpios are not looking for any booty call, no matter what they tell you! Regarding Scorpio and sex, Scorpios will try anything once just to say they have done that, been there! However, this sign is a TRUE lover at heart and is someone seeking a soul connection, a deeply committed relationship or a love like no other. Scorpio rules sex, that means all things sex, for better or for worse. And as we all know, Sex = ( The good, bad and ugly) can bring about many mixed emotions when first dating a Scorpio! They find partners who get obsessive fast and they themselves can become very obsessive or obsessed with something/anything or a subject that captures their immediate attention. Scorpios are also extremely comfortable with their sexuality and whether they are single or married.  But Scorpio also possesses a kind of subtle POWER whether they actually have it (power) or not. They seem very mysterious, have loads of sex appeal and possess intrigue, however, the irony is that Scorpios have no clue they possess this or they do and take advantage of it. Not a good idea! Maybe that is what makes them seem so extreme, suspicious and mysterious. They are capable of keeping people guessing for decades! Yes, (Scorpios) might be sexy, and have pretty seductive eyes, but that doesn't mean they don't have an INDEPENDENT, PASSIONATE, and mysterious side for a very good reason, although, Scorpio will NEVER TELL YOU this, Scorpio does! It doesn't mean Scorpio is hiding anything, either. It just is part of their independent nature, male and/or female. 

ABOUT SCORPIO.............

Scorpios are/make tender, loving and lifelong partners but others might not always see them this way. They tend to incite curiosity, suspicion, obsession in other people without knowing it: Yes, this is someone with a presence. They appear mysterious to the point of hiding something or someone. SPECIAL TIP IF DATING OR MARRIED TO SCORPIO: Don't take Scorpios independence too personally, just give them the occasional space they need to retreat into their hobbies, alone time or time with their family and friends and they will be loyal friends & lovers for life. This is someone you can count on to be there for you when the times get tough or if you need a SECRET kept, consult a Scorpio! They will take you seriously and never betray a trust or anything else you confide to them. P.S. If Scorpio is pushed to the limit, cheated on, accused of something they are innocent of or betrayed in any type of over the top//excessively cruel way, they WILL retaliate. NOT a good look, Scorpio! But, the joke is on (You) Scorpio because by retaliating (YOU have a rep for seeking revenge and or some call it the Scorpio stinger)). Guess What, Scorpio  YOU only hurt YOURSELF and isn't the best revenge (if you even believe getting revenge) living YOUR BEST life, not fuming about someone else? Remember this and you will enjoy the rest of the year

Happy New Moon, Friends! Examine these areas (Power, Secrets and Your Sex Life - the 8th House) of/in your own life and make adjustments, if needed. It's a great time for a total transformation in one area of your life, maybe more - during this New Moon.

 Look BELOW to find where you will be presented with THIS fresh OPPORTUNITY for an ending, a surprise or by planning a rebirth, personal and or physical transformation.......And Scorpio, Make a Wish on the New Moon as this is the beginning of your Solar Year in Astrology. Happy Birthday, Scorpio!  

SCORPIO in the SPOTLIGHT:  (Whoopi Goldberg - Scorpio)

ARIES: Your 8th House of power, sex, taxes, matters considered TABOO and other peoples money

TAURUS: Your 7th House of marriage, SERIOUS BUSINESS, open enemies, divorce and legal CONTRACTS and a romantic partner.

GEMINI: Your 6th House of daily work performed, HOW YOU MAKE MONEY, daily routine, and health, body, and fitness.

CANCER: Your 5th House of fun, children, pets, flirting, fun, HOBBIES and SUDDEN ROMANCE!

LEO: Your 4th House of Home, the PAST, family members/RELATIVES and MOTHERHOOD

VIRGO: Your 3rd House of Communications/Internet AND highlights your current neighborhood

LIBRA: Your 2nd House of Money via real estate, personal possessions, SELF-WORTH

SCORPIO: Your 1st House of image/personal appearance, overall PRESENTATION, physical appearance, so make sure you look your VERY best.

SAGITTARIUS: Your 12th House of solitude, CREATIVITY, Hospitals, Prisons, and secrets.

CAPRICORN: Your 11th House of friendships, HOPES AND WISHES, and ex-loves.

AQUARIUS: Your 10th House of public recognition, STATUS, public standing, professional standing

PISCES: Your 9th House of spirituality, OVERSEAS TRAVEL foreign faces/places, and publishing

Painting courtesy of Kelly Lynn Kimball!