Venus (Love & Money) in Taurus - Love is written in the stars......5/15-6/8/2019

Venus (Love and Money) enters in Taurus (5/15 - 6/8), a sign Venus loves to occupy (Venus naturally rules Taurus and Libra). This brings the signs of Taurus & Scorpio into the love spotlight, personally and professionally. Single or coupled, Taurus and Scorpios are looking exceptionally attractive to the public but Scorpio will be low on energy throughout this transit that began on 5/15/19 and lasts until 6/8/19. Why Scorpio? Scorpio is Taurus 7th House of partnership and marriage sector, so are personal, legal and professional commitments. If you know your rising sign, please read that forecast/horoscope as well.

Aries - Taurus is your 2nd House of finances. With Venus in Taurus, Aries will know exactly where they stand when it comes to their finances. There will be a feeling of ease when it comes to financial security and this Venus placement features gifts, a boost in income and more money at your disposal, Aries.

Taurus - This should be one of the best times for your sign in romance all year, Taurus. Singles could meet the one while couples feel more connected than ever. Sexual and romantic chemistry will be off the charts, single or coupled. An ongoing relationship makes it to the next level during this time and Taurus will find a better structure for their relationship that works for both parties involved. You could meet exciting people and romantic adventure will beckon, Taurus.

Gemini - Taurus is your 12th House of secrets and issues past. There could be a relationship taking place in secret or you could find out about one that is occurring during this time. What you uncover could surprise you but you might have to learn about what has been hidden in order to move on. Remember, Venus brings love without much effort of your part, so whatever transpires will benefit you in the long run. Your secrets or the secrets of others will come to your attention and it's better to know what is really happening than to bury your head in the sand, Gemini!

Cancer - Taurus is your 11th House of friendships. Your friendships will function smoothly and you might expect some drama when it comes to these associations. There could also be some dramatic moments when it comes to groups and long term friends. Everyone wants your attention during this time, Cancer. You could meet someone special through a friend or meet the love of your life via a group or club to which you belong, Cancer. Accept invitations to parties during this transit.

Leo - Taurus is your 10th House of prestige. Your career and public reputation will delight you as new opportunities come your way, professionally. You will be attracted to those who exert power, people in positions of authority and VIPs. If socializing, you could meet someone who intrigues you out of the blue and is somehow related to your career. Be aware that there could be some romantic entanglements if you're already taken. This is your time of year to get out, network and meet people in high places as they can bring you fame and fortune, Leo.

Virgo - Taurus is your 9th House of spirituality, Virgo. Single Virgo could meet someone from a foreign country, out of state or be dealing with a love interest from a distance. Since the 9th House also rules your spirituality and worldviews, you could have very well met the person who you feel completes you 100%. Coupled or single, it's time for Virgo to mix up their love life as singles can meet someone who shares the same passions as they do. Coupled Virgos will be thinking about ways to expand their relationship. It's all systems go for Virgo in romance throughout the Venus in the compatible earth sign of Taurus, Virgo. Single or coupled, you can meet someone who takes your breath away during this time, Virgo!

Libra - You could receive a raise or someone close to you could boost your financial status, such as a romantic partner. Remember, where Venus travels is where you are most likely to benefit. The 8th House also rules insurance, taxes and mortgages. You could get a break in one of these areas and or you will gain a deeper understanding of romantic relationship(s) Caution: You could get emotional or jealous easily. On the flip side, you and a partner enter a new and improved side of your relationship. With Mars moving direct in your sign during this time, slow down and savor every encounter. An interest in metaphysical subjects could be heightened during this time. Also, the money of others, shared income and inheritance issues could come about suddenly, single or coupled!

Scorpio - Taurus is your 7th House of marriage, legal and professional commitments. This transit promises to heighten your relationship with your partners, personal, legal and professional. This cycle begins a new and improved appreciation for all areas of the 7th House. If single, you could attract and capture the interest of a new love. Couples get closer and decide to take the next step during this transit of Venus in Taurus. This is Scorpios (single or coupled) time of year to make a serious commitment to a new or existing love. Avoid legal messes and work on communication. 

Sagittarius - Taurus is your 6th House of daily work, routines and deals with co-workers and associates. An office romance could be in the picture during this time. Singles could meet someone new at work while couples decide to get on a health kick and or sync their schedules in order to have more together time. Romance at the workplace is a serious possibility. Single or coupled, Sagittarius desires to look his or her very best with Venus in Taurus.

Capricorn - Taurus is your 5th House of passion, children and romance. Your love life will light up in a major way. Since Taurus is a naturally stubborn and determined sign, you might find yourself in a choosy mood when it comes to picking the perfect person. You could find flaws in a potential partner but you will have more opportunities to meet the person of your dreams, Capricorn. Coupled Capricorns can bond closer while singles need to realize that there is no such thing as perfection. Children, creative projects and risk taking ventures will be favorable areas for you during this transit.

Aquarius - Taurus is your 4th House of home, family and relatives. Love begins at home during this transit for all Aquarius, single or coupled. Coupled Aquarius notice their home life brings great fulfillment while single Aquarius could meet the love of his or her life through a relative, a family member or in their neighborhood.

Pisces - Taurus is your 3rd House of communications, siblings, relatives and neighbors, Pisces. Venus in Taurus brings happiness and love via your daily life, through siblings and while out and about - via short distance travel(s). Singles could meet also someone special they feel a strong bond with through a family member, relative or through a sibling. Single or coupled, Pisces is seeking a partner during this transit that is sexual, intuitive and on Pisces wavelength.