The Full Moon Meanings (Through the signs) Aries - Pisces

 Elizabeth Ellis - Addicted to Astrology

Full Moon in Aries - This is a day when the normally cool Moon blows "hot". Tempers run high. People are out to get their own way and tend not to listen to reason. This going to make this an especially hot-headed time. Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn will be under serious stress.

Full Moon in Taurus - This is a romantic Full Moon and with the Sun in sexy Scorpio, people will be feeling very ardent and loving. You could lose something, perhaps a personal possession or your heart?  Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius and Leo will be most vulnerable during this Full Moon.

Full Moon in Gemini - The Moon opposite the Sun in mutable Sagittarius makes this a hyper day. Stop and think before you act. You could be mentally and physically overstimulated. This goes especially for Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces.

Full Moon in Cancer - This is a watery emotional Moon that could bring on the blues or some serious tears. Try not to give in to feeling sorry for yourself. Instead, find comfort in staying home and cuddling up with a loved one, especially if you're a Cancer, Capricorn, Aries or Libra.

Full Moon in Leo - Watch your ego as egos will be touchy now and ready to explode. So are electrical appliances. Handle everyone with tender loving care today - bring out kindness and avoid indulgence or excess. And watch your cash! Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio all need to be careful of a tendency to overspend now.

Full Moon in Virgo - Health matters come to a head. If you have been procrastinating, all of the details you have been postponing can creep up. It's time to do some housecleaning and tidy up your life. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and a Pisces will be feeling this Moon most strongly.

Full Moon in Libra: You could be feeling disoriented or off balance. It will be extremely difficult to make a decisions and or get anything accomplished. It's a much better idea to socialize and meet friends that you really appreciate and can enjoy. Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn that goes double for you!

Full Moon in Scorpio: The most crime prone Full Moon and also the sexiest and most romantic. Crimes of passion, jealousy and revenge could be on your mind. Remain cool, calm and collected at all costs. That goes double for Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Full Moon in Sagittarius: Energies are scattered under this restless Full Moon. People are in no mood to behave, get rebellious and act out. This Moon can be unsettling and people tend to scatter, hate to be tied down and will rebel if challenged. Stick to making plans and preparing for the future and avoid making any definite plans. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces this applies especially to you!  

Full Moon in Capricorn: A stern and serious Full Moon in Capricorn brings up money issues, more like you find where you stand financially, reality check! Don't forget to pay serious attention to ultra private and personal matters. Give your undivided attention to older people, fathers, your responsibilities, authorities, VIPs and make sure you walk the talk. Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn need to watch their expenses and behavior, times ten.

Full Moon in Aquarius: The Leo Sun warms up this cool Moon sign with a heavy emphasis on humanitarian, helpful and unifying vibes. Expect to find yourself in a generous mood. Be careful of overindulgence during this Full Moon. You could be feeling so great, you rack up debt. This is a time to save, not spend. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will need to balance the budget during this forward thinking Full Moon.

Full Moon in Pisces: Everyone should watch out for drinking excessively during this Full Moon. Sensitive souls will be feeling super delicate and prone to escapism and might suffer the consequences under this influence. Don't drown your sorrows in something that could be dangerous for you, any kind of liquid or substances. You could take matters too far and regret impuslsivity. Instead, channel your energy into something creative, such as music, movies and surrounding yourself with positive people and places. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces listen up! 

 Full Moons 

Bring up attraction to the same/opposite sex. Think romance! 
Are great for harvesting crops
Bonding with your tribe
Coming forward with secrets 
Times of great creativity

New Moons 

Making new friends
Cementing romance
Making a fresh start in a new direction
Utilizing your physical energy 
Planting seeds
Quitting a bad habit
Having fun with a group or that special someone
Plan ahead for good timing
Make a wish /Set an intention

Secrets of your sign

The Sun Always Comes First


There is no need for false modesty when you have this much personal power going for you. Just step into the spotlight and shine (This comes naturally for Leo). In public you can dazzle your date, potential lover, or mate with your natural glamor, good looks & sunny disposition. Leo makes a dashing entrance everywhere he or she goes with their special someone. In private, make your lover the center of attention for best results, Leo. Show that you can be a loyal friend, the life of any party and always be an attentive lover for best results. Leos live for love, adoration and applause. You need to be the center of the universe and are quite capable of achieving your dreams whether they involve being in the spotlight or making a great impression on others. Be aware of coming across as self-centered as this can alienate the very people you want to impress. You will have luck in the in the performing arts, through family and with children.

The Moon follows the sun in Astrology


Cancer has powers of sexual persuasion that are legendary. So is Cancers sense of humor and your sense of loyalty. Your seductive power is unique of every other sign in the zodiac. Gorgeous, yes, sexy, no doubt. Cancers do their best persuading by a subtle, silent and indirect approach. Cancers tend to really shine in private or behind the scenes. That is the key to your success. All Cancers are secretly seeking a mother/father figure for their eternal life to love and nurture them. This special moon child will love, feed and pamper their lovers like there is no tomorrow. In private, invite your lover over to spend a few nights at your home Cancer and he or she will want to move in with you a.s.a.p. You have an amazing personality and your sense of humor is unmistakable. You keep the home fires burning (while others are out partying) and are nearly impossible to forget. You know how to love someone like they have never been loved before and lovers have a very hard time letting you go and vice verse. You tend to be very sentimental, loyal and keep friends for life.


Balance, serenity and harmony are you personal keywords. You possess these qualities effortlessly and tend to be more attractive than other signs, usually with beautiful facial features, faces and a dimpled smile. You Venus children (Taurus & Libra) have plenty of passion to offer just about anyone ready, willing and able. You have an "energy" about you that is soothing, calm and tranquil. You are a sanctuary for those enduring tough times. You can heal others with your mere presence. Ruled by Venus, You tend to play for keeps in all love affairs and your greatest attraction to someone is that they are willing to stand by your side for years to come. Did someone say eternity? Beware of a tendency to immediately put your lover on a pedestal. Sometimes who you think is the right person, is not necessarily who is best for you. It’s very important that you know who you are dealing with, especially in love relationships. Be especially wary of bad boys/bad girls. They could be your downfall if not careful. You have luck in love, marriage and partnerships of all kinds. You also need love to be 100% fulfilled and happy. A partner will bring luck to your life.


Those blessed with this planetary energy have a natural vitality that seems to make everyone else seem slightly normal and frankly boring by comparison. Those born under this powerful and passionate planet have a relentless drive to achieve their highest goals in life. You have a magical ability of convincing your lover that he or she can really believe in fairy tales and in making their dreams come true. A legendary success story relating to money will be found in your future, no matter how late in life your age is. You are the zodiacs "true hero" when a situation calls for it, plus you satisfy your lover with a childlike playfulness and your innocent but sexy ways can spellbound strangers. Some people wish you weren't so seductive. They would however, never tell you this. There is something about you that cannot be expressed or even put into words, especially when it comes to love and affairs of the heart.


The mind is the temple and the way to get to the heart of those born under this very mental and multi-dimensional planet, Mercury. The twins of Gemini and the sign of Virgo possess amazing minds filled with brilliant ideas and creative masterpieces just waiting to be discovered. It's been noted by Gemini (and Virgo) that the brain is the sexiest body part on the opposite/same sex. You have a seductive way of meshing your mind with that of a lover and your conversations with 90% of the people you encounter will hint at the excitement that lies ahead in your future. In love and marriage, you tend to wind up in relationships with someone from a foreign country, out of state or one who was born and raised from a distance from you! You desire to learn and grow in love. A connection to a foreign land or someone who was born at distance (possibly from a different state or from another culture) is usually integrated into your life in some way. You can and will make anything happen once you have found true love. Virgos will benefit financially through marriage and partnership.


Those born under this lucky planet are always trying to look on the "bright side". They have a natural knack for optimism and can spread cheer to lesser and more depressed souls. When you are this heavily influenced by the luckiest of all planets, Sagittarius, you tend to attract good fortune in general and that extends to love affairs. You have the ability to show people that problems are just temporary, but love can, will and does last forever. You also are blessed with an awesome sense of humor and you’re not to lacking in the looks department either. Not bad, not bad at all. You are lucky with gambling, horses and games of chance. A love of animals, successful career and strong sense of security are what you need to feel secretly fulfilled and grounded.


You have faith in yourself that can actually move mountains. Nobody can match your faith, endurance and persistence. The effort and dedication you put into your work life will secretly bring "instant karma" into your love life. You will love your lover as much as you love your job. When the going gets tough, you are the one we all need to remind us that as bad as it can and does get, it could always be worse, and you are 100% correct in this approach. You are known as the "true revolutionary" of the zodiac. You are a guardian angel to many people, unbeknownst to you. You're like the energizer bunny. You keep going and going and someday, you will arrive at that ultimate destination. You also are naturally good at mixing business with pleasure and this could be the ticket to having your dreams fulfilled.


You are the perfect "equal" partner. You tend to usher in the new, improved and latest methods of just about everything from music to technology. You can relate to almost anyone and you adapt more easily to "new situations" more than most. Not one to speculate or judge others, you possess a rather brilliant mind and sterling imagination. You are a person of future vision and you tend to be blessed with psychic powers and abilities. You would never intrude on your lover and you tend to value privacy more than most. You will enlighten generations to come and you will leave a legacy behind to the world when all is said and done. You are a master of innovative ideas and concepts and you instinctively know what the public is craving, you are ahead of your time and don’t let anyone tell you any differently.


The merging of both "heart and soul" is ultra important to this intuitive, dreamy and brilliant personality. Your job on this planet is to put all of us individually in touch with "being the best" we can be. Nothing depresses you more than "unfulfilled potential" and or a "wasted life". Neptune takes the harmony of Venus (planet of beauty) to a much higher level of personal charm and a magnetic allure in your powers of sexual attraction. When you are in love with another, you bring out the very best in that person, regardless of his or her flaws. You are the universe(s) gift to all of us. You will be famous at some point in your life. There is luck for you in fields associated with imagination, dreams, dance, music, creativity and publishing.


Your power is intense to say the least. You are blessed with a unique and most unusual personality that is unlike any other. People will say that you are truly "one of a kind". Powerful, sexual, loyal and most mysterious, you can mesmerize others with those amazing eyes of yours. You have a unique type of beauty. Not traditionally beautiful, you tend to be more of a natural beauty and are more down to earth than most would suspect. You are capable of hypnotizing others and bringing good fortune to your nearest and dearest. You can transform your health, your love life and your career overnight if you truly desire. People will secretly be jealous of your luck but you will never believe this is possible. You can make exceptional gains through birth, personal transformation and other people’s money.

Your Rising Sign (Ascendant)

Your rising sign - How others see YOU!

Your rising sign is one of the most important elements of your horoscope. Your rising or ascendant determines the way your chart is constructed and reveals the location of planets in each sign. As the earth turns, a different sign passes over the horizon every two hours. This can help us understand why two babies who were born in the same place, but earlier or later on the same day would have a different chart, even though their Sun signs would be the same.  The planets occupy the same sign (Sun sign, i.e. Aries, Leo etc.) but the rising sign would be determined by the actual time of birth and this changes the entire landscape of the chart.
It is very general to say that Aries with Leo is a compatible pairing, and while it's true, there are many other factors to consider. Although generally correct, once you integrate your Sun sign with your rising sign, Astrology really begins to make sense. I have researched this extensively and applied this to myself, friends and family. When I first began studying Astrology, I couldn't relate to my Sun sign. So I can understand the people who tell me that they don't believe in Astrology. I tell them that just knowing your Sun sign is not really astrology. It's like saying two plus two equals four and therefore, that's mathematics, ignoring geometry, algebra and calculus. So commonly when people look only at their Sun sign and ignore the other planets and houses involved, they come to the conclusion that astrology is not to be taken seriously. They are ignoring the fact that it is based on astronomy and is one of the oldest practices existing in societies throughout the world for centuries.  To really understand astrology it must be emphasized that we are not only our Sun sign but that there are other planets that affect us on a daily basis. Your rising sign is the 1st House in your horoscope.
Your rising sign plays a crucial and important relationship to your Sun sign. Some rising signs can complement a Sun sign; while others may act in opposition.It is difficult and would be a lucky guess to determine a person's Sun sign from his or her outer appearance. For example, a Leo with a conservative Virgo ascendant would come across as more serious and less dramatic than a Leo with a strong rising sign like Aries. Since your rising sign is the first impression you make on others and how others see you, it is important to know yours. Once you learn this, you might view astrology in a new light. As I learned after many years of study, I personally feel more aspects of my rising sign than my Sun sign. Where the other planets fall in your personal horoscope and in whatever House they reside in create the full picture and give you insight to who you uniquely are. 
It is crucial for an accurate reading to know your exact time of birth. The more precise your birth time, the more accurately an Astrologer can analyze and interpret the position of the planets at your birth and provide a spot on reading.
If you are unsure about your time of birth, know it within a few hours or don't know it at all, I have created a list to help you see which image you feel best applies to you. 

Aries Rising: High Energy, Energy Energy
You are an aggressive person with a boundless and plentiful energy that can take you anywhere you feel free to roam. Watch for a tendency to overreact emotionally or lose it altogether when things don't go your way. This is a passionate ascendant that can be seen as impetuous by others. You are competitive, a positive asset to any business or athletic team and you like to move quickly and precisely and you tend to get impatient with others too easily. Guard against this tendency. This could lead to headaches, head injuries and accidents involving your face and head. You walk with your head forward which is very characteristic of Aries. You love to wear bright, beautiful colors, especially red. You also love to drive fast and want to be the first one to get in line when a new item becomes trendy. You are the trendsetter of the rising signs.  

Taurus Rising: Creature Comforts
You tend to be slow moving, with a beautiful and distinctive speaking or singing voice that is naturally melodious and can make others feel soothed and relaxed. This ascendant yearns for the good life. You most likely surround yourself with good food, great comforts, luxurious surroundings and other sensual pleasures. You could be a collector or own a collection of anything you consider to be rare and valuable. You are a homebody who prefers others to come over to your house. In fact you love welcoming just about anyone into your home rather than socializing elsewhere. You have a natural talent for business, especially trading, real estate and import/export ventures. This ascendant gives the impression of a well fed physique. You tend to gain weight easily and this can cause you to withdraw. Females with this placement however, tend to be very seductive with their curvaceous figures.  

Gemini Rising: Communicate and disseminate
 This a social, open and fun individual to be around. Naturally outgoing, with lighter, ethereal mannerisms than others of your own sign, especially if you're female. You love nothing more than to communicate with people of all walks of life. You can express your thoughts, ideas and opinions very easily and effectively. This placement has a natural talent for writing, speaking and communication, verbal and non-verbal. This is someone who thrives on variety, in an ever changing atmosphere and MUST have a lively social life. You might come across as surface, however deep down you can relate to most and others do not realize the depth you possess. You are also far more loving, caring and nurturing than you tend to project. This ascendant is usually widely travelled, changes partners and even jobs more than once. You might even try to have two loves at one time. This placement is always torn between two people, places or things. Physically, watch out for your central nervous system. You could be prone to anxiety when you nerves get sensitive. It would be a great idea to occasionally take breaks or short trips to get away from all of the chaos and noise around you. This would benefit not only you but those you are close with as well.  Bottom Line: You need breaks from all that socializing. This brings a sense of calmness into your chaotic life.

Cancer Rising: Tender emotions

This ascendant is naturally acquisitive, private, sensitive and a natural money maker. You are very private on the surface. However, once someone gets to know you they realize that you can also be possessive (you can't help it) and you tend to overreact to things that really don't matter. You can read the minds of others with this placement. You can see through the feelings and thoughts of others. This is an excellent asset to have when channeled wisely. Use your intuition in business, the arts, and personal relationships. And pay attention to your emotions around the Full Moon. This rising sign tends to take things way too personally and react to imagined slights, especially near the Full moon periods. Find creative outlets for your nurturing talents instead! Helping the less fortunate, feeding and taking care of others and psychology would be ideal areas to make a fortune. Your nurturing nature also makes you a loving parent and you do well with children. You could be fond of the past, wearing romantic and sexy clothes and you could collect antiques or have a collection of some sort. Try to spend time near water to soothe tension. You also love to dine on exquisite foods but you must be careful and watch your diet as retaining fluids easily is part of your physiology.

Leo Rising:  The life of any party!
You make an instant impression when you enter a room. You may, however, come across more confident and more regal than you really feel. But this does not stop Leo rising from giving his or her audience exactly what they want. A Leo ascendant gives you a natural flair for drama as others could accuse you of stealing their spotlight. You project a confident, outgoing and sunny disposition. You come off extremely confident even when you're not feeling well. This ascendant makes sure to please their friends and their fan club. You always put your best efforts into your appearance. The right clothes, a good hairstyle (you have beautiful hair with this ascendant - usually a luxurious mane with thick hair and lots of it) and if you're a female, you often dazzle others with your jewelry collection. You look like royalty without trying. This rising sign is lucky with children, animals and games of chance.

Virgo Rising: Details are super important
You can appear very critical and mistakes of any kind make you very nervous. This ascendant has a tendency to be his or her own worst critic. Virgo rising needs to learn to be less hard on others and even less hard on themselves. Fussy, critical and meticulous, you seem neat, orderly and more particular than others of your Sun sign. People around you might feel that they have to live up to your high standards. Even though you might be well meaning, you need to let those closest to you know that you only want the best for others, really and truly. It's not that you over analyze every detail, it's just that you want it done right. Is that so wrong? No way. Just remember to take it easy on others and easy on yourself as well. You have a sharp eye for details and would make an excellent editor or financial advisor. Your literary skills are top notch and could lead you into jobs that involve teaching and publishing. Anything relating to healing is right up your alley. Health care professions, service oriented careers and making sure everything is in its proper place are important to you. Don't think your way is the only way! This is a lesson you need to learn! 

Libra Rising: The beautiful social butterfly
This ascendant bestows the beauty that comes with Libra, thanks to Venus, and makes this one of the best and most compatible signs to have as an ascendant. Charming, social and non-confrontational (you will avoid confrontation at any cost) this placement is usually relationship oriented and needs a partner in order to feel secure and thrive in his or her life. Physically, your face is symmetrical, beautiful and also a dimpled smile are typical of those with Libra rising. You are interested in all sides of a project, relationship or friendship - which can work for or against you. Being indecisive when a situation calls for decisiveness is not your strong point. You possess natural beauty, grace and can talk to anyone, especially a romantic partner, into getting your way. You will receive many compliments on your seductive and sultry smile. You are attractive, have good taste, and usually have an interest in fashion, home decorating and exploring the topic and adventures of true and lasting love. You are an excellent debater and could be attracted to careers that involve the law, public relations and or any other career that can utilize your diplomatic skills.

Scorpio Rising: Charisma and mystery

There is more to you than meets the eye. You project an image of intrigue, mystery and sex appeal. You also possess power when you combine this ascendant to any other Sun sign; it is favorable for most signs to have Scorpio as a rising sign. You have eyes that others instantly notice and physically you could have the appearance of intensity. Whether it's your hair, the way you dress or the look on your face, this ascendant is known for having a physical feature that is intense, prominent and stands out in some way. Whether it's their beautiful penetrating eyes or their physique, there is something about this placement that gives this individual a sense of power and being in control despite the world falling apart around them. You might feel like sharing your hopes and wishes with others and you also could keep your affairs to yourself. Highly private, you may have an interesting past history with love affairs. There might even be a secret love or two in your closet. Legendary in love, others find you hard to let go of. Your mystery is intensified whenever you wear black and you might find this to be your favorite color.    

Sagittarius Rising: Freedom to Roam, travel and seek independence
You have a strong love affair with travel with this ascendant. You are interested in the outdoors, have a sporty side and possess an athletic, casual and laid back look. This ascendant can change moods in a split second. Occasional dark moods may be disguised with optimism or a philosophical outlook. Deep down, you are idealistic, have a fantastic sense of humor and loved to be loved. On the surface, you have strong, athletic legs and you are physically strong. You might not feel as attached to things and people as others are. You are more interested in travel, higher learning and the spiritual side of life than your other peers are. Not one to hesitate to speak your mind, you are able to laugh at yourself (a great quality) and your troubles (even better) more easily than others. You are also one of the funniest people in the room. Jupiter (the planet) of luck and expansion will be the genesis of your life. This is a prosperous placement for Sagittarius. 

Capricorn Rising: Officially "all" Business
You are not typically a big spender. In fact, you are known as being careful with cash (like Cancer is) but you will occasionally splurge if you can afford it. You come across as serious, disciplined and very goal oriented. You have a very strong work ethic.  Goals and ambitions are formed from an early age and you somehow manage to set out to achieve them and usually do. You tend to be more traditional and conservative in your personal relationships. In fact, you come across as formal and businesslike in all important relationships. This placement functions BEST in a corporate and well structured environment where you usually start and the bottom and work your way slowly but surely to the very top. A born executive - you always know who has the power - but in your love relationships, you might tend to go solo if the going gets too tough. You love to mix business with pleasure but need to remember that love is just as important as prestige. Otherwise, you might end up alone playing the role of mother AND father to your children. Learn to be more expressive with romantic partners!

Aquarius Rising:  The Innovative Dreamer
Eccentric is your keyword. Something about your appearance is unique and memorable. This ascendant loves to be with groups, in the company of friends and with a constant stream of companions 24/7 if they could have their way. You could also be strongly drawn to a prestigious lifestyle. Not one to care what others think at all, you go after your goals your way. No one can tell you what to do. You can outsmart, outwit and outlast your competitors but be careful of a tendency to come across as selfish or uncaring. You might feel that you show your loving tender side, but sometimes you suffer from foot in mouth syndrome. This placement needs the freedom to roam and most likely will not follow convention. This ascendant can make money from a hobby and turn it into an empire. This placement also needs to have a strong sense of unity with friends, family and his or her peers to bring out their BEST qualities. You tend to leave a lasting impression when you come from a place of sincerity. You also have an affinity for electronics, spirituality, the metaphysical and other far out ideas.

Pisces Rising: Romantic, poetic and dreamy
This is an intuitive, psychic and nurturing placement for an ascendant. This is a creative, spiritual, sensitive and dramatic at times personality. Dreamy eyes and an air of poetry surround this elusive and emotionally tender sign. This rising sign is all about the arts, theater (Neptune rules the entertainment industry), dance, film, photography and other forms of creative expression. Very susceptible to mood swings, it will be very important for this ascendant to find a creative and fulfilling outlet for his or her tender emotions. This will naturally heighten already amazing intuition. Try to focus on the positive and don't be so quick to fall for sob stories. You can be a sucker for someone playing on your good nature so don't make others problems yours. You are the rescuer of the zodiac. Stray animals and people who are weak, sick or addicted will tend to tug at your heartstrings. With so much foresight, this rising sign needs to be aware of a fondness for escapism. Drugs and alcohol are potential areas that could be alluring to you. It will be important for this ascendant to utilize moderation in these particular areas as they could easily get out of hand. Try to avoid addictive substances as they will appeal to you strongly, especially during Full Moons.

The Houses in Astrology

How it all comes together! See where your planets fall (which House) to understand more! 

The Houses in Astrology 

The 1st House (ARIES): The impression you make &The Face (image/appearance) you project to the public. Aries traditionally rules the 1st House in Astrology while the planet Mars is always associated with this House.

This House describes your outer personality as well as certain physical attributes such as your height, weight and the shape of your face and your figure. Your personality and basic approach to life. Your First impression, Your self image, sex appeal and personality shine here. The 1st House asks what motivates you. It rules your overall physical appearance, the first impression you make, your ego, beginnings, physical attractiveness, taking the initiative and how you see yourself. The image you wish/hope to project and most importantly, how you appeal to other occurs here. Aries (1st House) and the planet Mars (planet) is where the chart begins. 

The 2nd House (TAURUS): The House of Self-Esteem,Your personal possessions Values & Money - Taurus traditionally rules this House and Venus is the planet associated with this house.

The 2nd House describes your personal possessions, special collections, resources and how you deal with these possessions such as property, an intimate relationships(s) and money. It also reveals your earning and spending capacities and your debt, if any. Your self worth, money, any prized collection, family heirlooms, your personal values and your income are the key areas of the 2nd House. It is ruled by Taurus

The 3rd House (GEMINI): The Internet, Neighbors, Siblings & How you Communicate - Gemini traditionally rules this House while Mercury, the planet, always associated with this House.

Lower education (schooling before college) early childhood environment. Mental facilities, cousins and siblings and your family of relatives. Neighborhood, new neighborhoods, and community matters. Short distance local travel and transportation. Your car, transportation, computer, cell phone and how you deal with those closest to you via communication. Emails, texts, letters, the Internet, writing, daily living, exchanging information  and correspondence. 
This House also describes how you communicate with others, how you reach out to others nearby and how you handle your immediate environment. How you deal with ideas, concepts and utilize your intellect. It also shows how your thinking processes work (Mercury) and the way you express your thoughts to others. It is ruled by Gemini

The 4th House(CANCER): The House of Home,The Past, Future, Motherhood, Present, past and Future living conditions and Family/Relatives. Cancer traditionally rules this House. The Moon, a planet in Astrology is forever associated with it. 

Ancestry, heritage, your past and roots. Motherhood. Property, The early foundations of your home environment. Home and family life. Your Mother. The caretaker of your household. Endings. The deep past. Nurturing or the lack of it. The circumstances at the end of your life. It represents where you have lived, where you are currently living and where you will be living in the future. It also rules real estate, zoning laws and property. Rules, real estate and home regulations also occur here. Relatives and your home are the biggest properties of this House. It is ruled by Cancer

The 5th House(LEO): The House of Creativity, Pleasure, Hobbies, Gambling and Children -  Leo traditionally rules this House. The Sun shines down on the 5th House and is The planet associated with this House. Yes, the Sun is also considered a planet in Astrology. 

Recreational, social and leisure activities, children, flirtations, brief romantic encounters, booty calls, one night stands, fun, romance, love affairs and sex. Things that you do for enjoyment and entertainment. Games and gambling. Creative self-expression. Hobbies. The performing arts. This House represents your creative ability, children, challenge, variety, fun, romance and love affairs are all highlighted by the 5th house. This is also the house where to look for affairs, flirtations, and brief romantic encounters (rather than long-term commitments such as marriage). A desire to experiment can become evident. Household pets are also ruled by this House.  It also deals with pressure, more responsibility and sex appeal stands out here, for better or for worse! It is ruled by Leo

The 6th House(VIRGO): The House of Health, Wellness, Daily routines and your Well Being - Virgo traditionally rules the 6th House while Mercury, the planet of communications, written and spoken, is the planet that owns the 6th House in Astrology.

 Routine tasks, daily chores, employees, manual labor and duties. Skills or training needed to work, Jobs and Employment. Health and overall well-being. Being of service to others, selflessness, care taking. Taking care of pets (repair/maintenance) fall under the 6th house. Accidents can and will also happen/occur here.

This House has been called the repair and maintenance House. It reveals how you take care of your body, health and nutrition. It is where you look to organize yourself, be of service to others and to perform efficiently in everyday routines. This is a work House and the 6th House is where you get things done, where you look after others (care taking) and fulfill service duties. It is also the House of self-improvement, mind, body and spirit. It also shows your diet, service to others and your health and fitness regimens aka your trifecta! 

The 7th House (LIBRA): The House of Marriage, Love and Partnerships, legal matters, divorces and open enemies hold rulership over this House.  Venus rules Libra and is the sign that naturally rules the 7th House!

Close, deep and committed relationships. Marriage and business partners. Agreements, justice and the lack of it and legal court(s). Legal affairs/matters and documents. Open enemies. Attraction to qualities we desire/seek from a marriage partner. Attitudes towards partners. Anyone you have commitments, contracts and agreements with. How you relate to others, lawsuits, divorces and marriages all happen here. Where the 1st House (Aries) represents "One", the 7th (Libra) House represents "Two", for better or for worse. Legal rights, permissions, marriage and those who might not enjoy your company let you know it. The 7th House is mostly about your current partner, the lack of love, past and present partners, future partner(s) and signing of legal documents. 

The 8th House(SCORPIO): The House of Sex, Transformation and Power - Scorpio, the sign, traditionally rules this House. The planet Pluto, once demoted, is alive and kicking and is the main ruler of Scorpio and the 8th House. The planet Pluto and some say Mars (Co ruler of Scorpio) will forever be associated with Scorpio and the 8th House. 

Cycles of Death, Rebirth, Sex and personal Transformation. Sexual relationships and deeply committed relationships of all kinds. Joint funds, finances. Other people’s money. Power, control, psychology and the collective unconscious. The occult, unsolved and solved mysteries, magic, psychic and taboo matters. Inheritance. Regeneration. Self-transformation and physical transformation(s) will always be associated with Scorpio. They can look like different people one day and the next day, another type. 

This is one of the most mysterious, feared and powerful Houses in Astrology. The 8th House speaks about sex, death, wills, insurance, taxes, life threatening illnesses, sudden drastic life changes and legacies are all ruled by the 8th House. This is where you want to transcend yourself with occult or psychic experiences due to pain, deception or loss. This is also the House where you make personal sacrifices for yourself and for others. Be careful of playing martyr or pay the price, Scorpio! This House speaks about how you merge with another, someone or something. It also questions how you handle issues of power, sex, intimacy and control. In the end, this House is about surrendering, adjusting to and learning to deal with extremes and physical transformations.

The 9th House (SAGITTARIUS): The House of Travel, Travel Overseas, Publishing, Advertising, People from around the world and your world views/spirituality and life philosophies is known as having Sagittarius (The Sign) traditionally rules this House. (The 9th House) 

This House is associated with higher education, overseas travel, exotic people and places, publishing, writing, spiritual values, long journeys, overseas travel public relations, your philosophies/world views of, on and about life, religion, spirituality, morals, foreign people, public relations, advertising, exotic cultures, distant cultures and far away places. The 9th House also represents your belief system about the world we all live in. It is ruled by Sagittarius.

The 10th House(CAPRICORN): Your Career, AMBITION Public Life, Prestige, VIPs and Social Status - Capricorn traditionally rules the 10th House. The planet Saturn has long been associated with this House. 

Your Ambition(s). The Public. High profile activities, How the world sees/views you. Motivation. Career (not a routine job). Status in society, fate, honors and reputation. Prestige, Government and Big Business are all properties of this House. Authority Figures.Your standing in the community. Father or father figures. Laws of the physical universe. One's public impression and reputation at large as the public sees it. Many famous people have key favorable planets in this house. 

The 11th House (AQUARIUS): Your Friendships, Hopes/Wishes, Ex loves, Social groups and affiliations. - Aquarius (The Sign) traditionally rules the 11th House in Astrology. (The Planet) Uranus, associated with the 11th House. 

Friends and acquaintances of like-minded attitudes. Groups you identify with, Political affiliations, People you see as equals, Humanity, Rebellion against social structures or conventions. Hopes, wishes, groups, clubs and high societies. Higher associations. Benefits and fortunes made through careers. One's hopes and wishes. Ex loves, people from your past and friends will also appear here. So will elements of timing and luck.

This House also reveals your ambitions and aspirations. It is where you extend yourself to a group, a goal, or a belief system. Strange and unusual experiences, bizarre and eccentric situations and personalities. The Future and forward thinking concepts. Technology and futuristic ideas. Here is where you become concerned with “what other people think” or where you rebel against social conventions. It is mainly regarded as your Friendships House (group affiliations) as well as your hopes and wishes House. It mainly is known in mainstream Western Astrology as the House of friendships. 

The 12th House (PISCES): The House of Privacy, What occurs in secret, death, solitude, prison, Hospitals, Drugs, Alcohol and Secrets -  Pisces (the Sign) rules the 12th House while Neptune, the planet that rules Pisces is associated with the 12th House

Magic, places of seclusion, privacy, hospitals, prisons and institutions, including self-imposed imprisonments. The world of entertainment, Things which are not apparent to oneself yet clearly seen by others. Elusive, clandestine and secretive matters. Events occurring in secret. Retreat, reflection and self-sacrifice. Transcending unimaginable limits, Selfless giving and selfless receiving. Dreams, imagination, Unknown enemies. Secrets and fears.The end of a life cycle. 

 In your daily life, the 12th House reveals your deepest intimacies, your best-kept secrets, especially those you hide from yourself and others. Realize that when we "undo ourselves:, we eventually surrender control, boundaries, limits and rules. But instead of self-undoing, this can create a great capacity for endless creativity and can bring about your hidden talents. Your imagination can be limitless here.
This House is traditionally associated with places we go for solitude, do spiritual work or to be in seclusion. It also speaks about death and past lives. Pisces is associated always with the 12th House in Astrology. And Neptune is the planet that rules Pisces  

Here is a breakdown of the best placements for the planets to be in.

Aries- Mars (Mars in Aries)
Taurus - Venus in it's sensual form (Venus in Taurus)
Gemini-Mercury in it's communicative form (Mercury in Gemini)
Cancer - The Moon (Moon in Cancer)
Leo- The Sun (Sun in Leo)
Virgo- Mercury in it's critical form (Mercury in Virgo)
Libra - Venus -in it's aesthetic and critical form (Venus in Libra)
Scorpio- Pluto, co ruled by Mars (Pluto in Scorpio)
Sagittarius- Jupiter (Jupiter in Sagittarius)
Capricorn-Saturn (Saturn in Capricorn)
Aquarius - Uranus replacing Saturn (Its previous ruler) (Uranus in Aquarius)
Pisces-Neptune replacing Jupiter (Its previous ruler) (Neptune in Pisces)

Those are considered the ideal locations for planets in your natal chart. Planets in those Houses will make little effort - yet net huge rewards. Check out your natal (birth) chart and look for any of the above planets to fall in those signs.

Painting by Kelly Lynn Kimball

How to Keep Love Alive with Every Sign!


Rams rush in where angels fear to tread, especially in sex and romance. Their brave exploits and outrageous antics can scare a mate or sweetheart away. A little chase, a lively debate and a good challenge will motivate this daredevil lover to pursue you like there's no tomorrow.

For Aries sake and your own, be slow, steady and cautious. And remind Aries that there is a time and a place for everything. Tell them they don't have to be everything and everywhere at once. And play up your facial features. Play up your beautiful eyes, luscious lips and silky hair when in the company of the Ram. They won't ever leave your side, provided you play by his or her rules.

Keep any jealousy (if you're the jealous type) under control. However, Taurus appreciates a little possessiveness as long as it's flattering and not overly dramatic. Emotional public dramas are another big turn-off and will have your sexy Taurus seeking someone new, fast!

The more space, privacy and loyalty you extend to Taurus, the more likely your relationship will last. And never forget birthdays, romantic (candles, music and flowers) dinners and your very first date. If you want to keep your Bull forever: Turn the phone off, choose a romantic and secluded setting where you won't be disturbed, since Taurus tends to be a very vocal lover. And don't ever rush Taurus, period! Enjoy a slow and delicious encounter. It could last forever!

Always be on the go, keep up appearances and be an "equal" combination of "book and street" smarts with Gemini. This sign needs a versatile lover. Someone who will grant Gemini the freedom do what he or she pleases.

Gemini’s feel most comfortable while in the company of groups, parties and large gatherings. To keep your Gemini interested: Mix your relationship up! Mix and mingle with other couples and try to create a loving home environment. Gemini will love coming home to you after all that socializing!

Remind Gemini that you also need occasional time with them, so plan some surprise evenings filled with entertainment, intimate conversation and special surprises. Have a weekend for just the two of you and by all means wear something especially sexy and provocative. Your friends will understand. Show Gemini the true meaning of the word balance and chances are good that he or she will conclude you're a "keeper".

Cancer does everything in his or her power to make the relationship (with you) everything you want it to be and think it "should" be. Big mistake, Cancer! Remember that relationships are for two, not one. Avoid being domineering, apathetic and overly emotional.

Involve Cancer in all important decisions that affect you as a couple. Cancer will adore you provided you remain consistent, loyal and honest. Cancer has a reputation as a man/woman of mystery. To keep this sign happy: Keep the home fires burning and never let them forget how sexy and smart they really are!

Ready to commit to Cancer? Take them near water (moonlight beach, bubble bath, Jacuzzi etc), wine and dine them, be old fashioned about romance and serve them breakfast in bed. It's the little things that matter most to Cancer. Cancer is looking for someone who loves the idea of a secure, committed and comfortable home life.

Leo is a fixed sign and resists change (ending toxic relationships) because they assume their way is the right way, for now anyway. Leo needs to understand the value of his or her partner’s ideas, comments and suggestions. Remind Leo that a relationship is not for one person.

Be stylish and sexy, and having a great sense of humor won't hurt. Leo will stay with a partner who is clever in business and has innovative ideas. And remember: You can never give too much attention or too many compliments to sexy Leo.

Leo also loves their lover to dress for success, sex or whatever the mood calls for. Keeping up appearances is important for this sign. It shows them how much you care. If you find yourself having problems with the Lion, try to be more adaptable and understanding.

You are naturally practical and grounded. This helps anyone involved with you to feel secure. Yet, there can be moments when love is anything but practical. Virgo must learn to throw "caution to the wind" once in a while and be daring and fearless with their love, because this fuels their inner need for adventure. The right partner will share many things in common with a Virgo.

Let Virgo help you improve your life: quit a bad habit, cultivate an interesting hobby, learn foreign language or read erotic books. This sign is really looking for someone to "make over". And it won't hurt if you understand that beneath that cool exterior, there is a hot fantasy life just waiting to be unleashed. BOTTOM LINE: Look for the hot fantasy beneath that cool surface and fulfill it, now!

Decisiveness is not your strong point, Libra. You can be a pain in the you know what for a partner who loves you madly and most deeply when you endlessly weigh the pros and cons of every little detail of your relationship. When a decision in necessary, especially one that affects your love life, make a deadline and please stick with it.

It's a good idea for your lover to be strong, attractive, and decisive. If looking to keep Libra forever: Set a sensual and romantic scene, know exactly what you want and allow Libra to provide it for you.

DOES LIBRA LOVE ME? It will be a test of Libras regard for you by asking subtle questions. If they REQUEST your company and they display a SINCERE interest in your day, you can pretty much rest assured that Libra does love you (and could be "the one" for you!)

Mastering his or her chosen field, than helping others do the same, is a major personal goal for all Scorpios. Ruled by Pluto (planet of transformation), it's easy to see why these mysterious lovers seek a specific type of lover.

Seducing a Scorpio is a power game. Scorpio also loves a good mystery, so don't tell them everything. The best way to love and be loved by Scorpio is to keep him or her guessing about you, offering subtle but SINCERE hints along the way.

Scorpio can see through deception quite EASILY, especially in sex, love and relationships. Let them know they are the man or woman of your dreams and mean it. Be sincere, loyal and interesting in order to convince Scorpio that you are a "keeper".

SPECIAL TIP FOR SCORPIO: Your lover will adore you when they sense you're thinking as two (you as a couple) as opposed to one (just you). Show that you are capable of being vulnerable with a partner. This is your hardest challenge and the only way to true and lasting love.

In general, Sagittarius (not all of course) men and women are considered to be the "Players of the zodiac". One dating Sagittarius will find it most challenging and endlessly difficult to try and them pin down. Be aware they are known for being the "love them and leave them" types.

A smart and talented sign, Sagittarius are most interested in lovers from ethnic backgrounds, foreign countries and lovers met in spiritual pursuits or at related groups of interest. This sign will be your "personal cheering section" if you can capture the elusive Sagittarius heart.

Sagittarius often fuses humor and sarcasm as a defense mechanism. But you can't laugh off everything, especially love, sex and commitment, Sagittarius. This sign must learn to live by a new set of rules when involved with a partner (you).

IF YOU'RE THAT INTERESTED: Let Sagittarius know that he or she has inspired you to "be all you can be". Then the two of you should work out, have sex, feed the animals and discuss your future vacation plans together.

Capricorns tend to think of love and sex as part of a game plan for the future. You don't mean to boss and nudge your partner, but you can end up doing a good job at acting out unconsciously if you are an unhappy Goat. Remember Capricorn: Your partner’s point of view is just as valid as your own. Try not to forget this or be or prepared to pay the price.

GET CAPRICORNS ATTENTION: Your seduction strategy is to join them in their many pursuits, then hook them with love on the road. This is a sign that mixes business with pleasure. And they will let you know quickly if there is a mutual attraction between you two.
Convince Capricorn that you are an asset to his or her life. Work out together and remember the "couple who plays together stays together".

TIP FOR CAPRICORN MEN AND WOMEN: Realize that your partner isn’t always going to be 100 % perfect.

Bright and talented Aquarians often live as though they have their "head in the clouds" and their minds seem to be forever drifting. Aquarius rules "different" things and the far out and eccentric lifestyle will appeal to this signs versatile nature. They are most attracted to these types of lovers. It will be a clear test of his or her devotion for you. The key will be if he or she displays a sincere interest in your day, your passions and most of all you (the good, the bad, and the ugly).

Passion begins in the mind, so a good conversation is a great start. Aquarius is an inventive sign that believes love is an "ultimate playground" without rules.

Find ways to make love transcendental, a mind blowing and unique experience. Plan surprises, unpredictable encounters in unusual or "out of the way" places. Be ready to try anything (food, sex, travel, movies or perhaps a sexy trick for the bedroom only) at least once and you will have met a lover for life.

KEEP AQUARIUS HOOKED: Be the opposite of a possessive personality type. Have tolerance for people of all ages, race and colors. Admire people for who they are and don't publicly criticize anyone. Try anything once to show your devotion to Aquarius. And give them space when they need it.

Pisces take a spiritual, soulful and very serious approach to their love relationships. Shared goals, strong chemistry and compatible values will be a powerful way of cementing a loving bond with Pisces.

Pisces is the sign of fantasy and imagination. Pisces looks for lovers who will take care of them. And the attentive Pisces lover will return the favor and then some. Expect to be spoiled rotten by attentive, mysterious and romantic Pisces.

Pisces is a dreamy soul-mate who can "psych out" your deepest desires without even mentioning them. Talk about intuition! This sweet and most sensitive spirit can read your thoughts, mind and pick up instinctively on your creative capabilities.

Use your imagination for setting the ultimate ambiance for love. A dramatic and creative presentation will bring out the sensual, tender and appreciative side of your tender Pisces lover. Don't let Pisces swim away!

One last tip to remember about Pisces: Pisces will fall for just about any sad story or tragic event. It wouldn't hurt if you had a personal trauma, or small problem for Pisces to fix.

If expressed properly, this sign will tend to let you cry on his or her shoulder. Remember that Pisces needs to be needed. Giving Pisces the best that you've got tends to keep this rather elusive and mysterious sign hopelessly optimistic and eager to commit to you.