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Month of birth: October 
Date of birth: 15th Year of birth: 1988
Time of birth: 8:12 pm
City of birth: Newport Beach
State of Birth: California 

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(These letters have been edited and certain names have been omitted to protect the privacy of the writers)

Dear Elizabeth,
I am a female Sagittarius, with an Aries rising, born November 25, 1971 at 2:18 p.m. in Chicago, IL.  I have been with a Libra man, with a Scorpio rising, for 15 years.  He was born October 20, 1969.  I love him, but have never been in love with him.  I stay with him because we have children together, I've never been truly happy with him.  I've never really been "in love" with anyone.  The only one who came really close was a Taurus man who I have lost contact with years ago.  Elizabeth is there someone out there who I can become passionately in love with, or should I stay stuck with the Libra for the stability and family?
Sherri, India

Dear Sherri,
I believe that there is someone for everyone. That includes you as well. Your chart shows a very attractive woman who has definite potential for "true" and passionate love. You can expect the "love of your life" to be from another country. I understand that children need both parents and for this reason, you need to get your priorities straight. Some of the problems in your marriage are most likely as result of his rising sign of Scorpio and yours in Aries. This tells me that there is sexual tension here, and lots of it. Your sex life should be very passionate when you want it to be. Frankly, I am perplexed by your loss of interest in this man. I would think there has to be some attraction here for you to stay other than children. Your charts clearly show two people who do love and care for each other. Maybe the sexual spark has faded. That doesn’t mean that the marriage is over. All relationships need work. That’s when most people leave, while others seek counseling or start affairs. I think communication is the most important factor in any relationship. Talk to your husband honestly. Your chart tells me that you have not been communicating with him for years now. You and your husband both have a moon (emotions) in Pisces. You can read each other’s minds and you might not even be aware of this. He most definitely senses your ongoing disinterest in the marriage.
I think the problem comes from your sun, rising and Venus placement. A sun in Sagittarius (you) with Aries rising wants steamy passion, yet needs mystery to keep you interested. You want to see fireworks and love the thrill of the chase in romance. I think you wouldn’t be happy if you left this marriage. I think the idea of leaving is more appealing than actually going for it. Your husband is another story. He needs the stability of a relationship in his life to feel fulfilled, period. His Venus in Libra also tells me that you are the woman of his dreams. Try to indulge your fantasies with him and see how that works out. You might want to schedule some alone time without the children. You have a Venus in Sagittarius and a Mars in Pisces. Both Sagittarius and Pisces are mutable signs. People with so many mutable planets in their chart get bored easily and tend to end love affairs rather abruptly. Are you looking for stability or love? Sometimes, we can have it all. Members of the opposite sex tend to idealize you and find you extremely attractive. Did you ever feel a spark for your current husband? Do you want to try and resolve things with him? Or are you looking to fall madly in love with another? These are serious questions you must ask yourself before you can jump into the changes that lay ahead of you. Family means everything to me and by your letter, it appears to mean a great deal to you as well.  Remember that you are a very free spirit who is very attractive to the opposite sex. This can and will get you into trouble at times. Be honest and clear in communicating with your husband. I believe that this is a simple case of you feeling that your husband isn’t making you feel sexy or desirable. He needs someone who he knows is there for him 100%. You need someone to make you feel sexy. Once you two understand this, love can be restored and will reappear. Let me know how things work out.

Dear Elizabeth,
I need your help. I am Libra (9/29/78) involved with either a Leo or a Virgo. I am not sure. Either way, we have been talking on the phone (long distance relationship) and are currently making plans to see each other when he comes to Europe in March. He is in the military in the United States, so we don’t have much time to talk but when we do, it feels right. The thing that concerns me is that he doesn’t answer questions and he is very vague in general. He says that it’s natural to spend time apart and that we don’t need to talk about things like his past. I overheard his friend mentioning something about an X rated past. I am starting to have doubts. I have a feeling he might be married and just a cruel liar who is stringing me along. We haven’t had sex yet. He is 45 and I am 27. Am I being naïve? Please help me Elizabeth. I am desperate for answers here.
Kim, Berlin

Dear Kim.
I hate to write letters that are negative. First and foremost, this guy is not right for you. He is keeping secrets and you need to be very aware of this.   I suggest you look for someone who is more available and has less baggage, i.e. a marriage and shady past. The reason things are holding you back are because they are not meant to be. Remember this in the future when you have this problem again. In general, when something is not supposed to be, it usually is not easy. When something on the other hand is meant to be, it will be effortless, especially in the beginning of any romance. There should not be any obstacles with the “right” person.
You have “way too much potential” to waste on a married man who is in the military. Are you certain that you really do know him? You don't even know his sign. This concerns me.   Ask him questions if you are certain that he is right for you. Insist that you get answers as well. I think you may be surprised at some of his answers. I say pass on him and wait for the next guy. Libra is far too romantic and sexy to be involved in such a bizarre love triangle like this. Do yourself a huge favor and “dump” this man. You can and will meet someone younger and more available sooner than you might expect. I hope this helps!  Keep me posted!
Warm regards,

Dear Elizabeth
My husband is my first love and soul mate. We have been married twelve years and have a beautiful son. I thought we had a beautiful life together as well. To make a long story short, last December I discovered he was having an affair with another woman. The pain was excruciating and “so intense” that I thought I would never recover. Recently I have fallen in love with a Scorpio who happens to be a friend of my husband. This was sincerely an honest accident. We did not engage in any flirtatious behavior or encouraged anything sexual or physical. I remained loyal to my cheating husband and suffered in miserable silence. I didn’t want anything to happen sexually with anyone at the time. That was the last thing on my mind. Suddenly one day, out of nowhere, we were talking and there was a spark and a physical attraction that was undeniable. Here I was weeping over my Cancer husband and this Scorpio brought unexpected happiness. I still feel betrayed by husband however I am slowly starting to fall hard for the Scorpio. I need your help desperately. My husband and I are still married and he wants an “open marriage” but I wouldn’t be happy in the long run. Should I follow my heart and dump my husband for good and just follow my feelings for the Scorpio. I am just so lost and confused. I would respect your advice.
Courtney, Newport Beach

Dear Courtney,
I am so sorry for your pain and suffering regarding your husband. Sometimes in life situations and people will challenge and dishonor our personal faith, beliefs and even worse, sexual and marital relationships.   I don’t think you should feel "bad at all" regarding your growing feelings for the Scorpio. You two could have a real chance at true love. This man will make you feel special and he can   be very sexually compatible with you as well. The good news is that there are happy times ahead and soon this nightmare will end once and for all.    Aspects indicate that if you do leave your husband and pursue this Scorpio, everything will work to your advantage in the end. Your husband will be lost without you and will “plead” with you to return to your marriage provided you act with dignity and self-respect. You "must" be strong and follow your heart. Remain true to your beliefs and stand up for yourself. You know what’s right versus wrong. A Moon in Capricorn will be extremely devastated when a lover strays. You may never forgive him for this ongoing disloyalty. And maybe you should ask yourself if he is really worth it. Only you can answer the question.
About you: You are a Virgo with a moon in Capricorn. Sometimes, people can let you down. This placement is a bit challenging in general, but this Scorpio can and will bring both happiness and a “sparkle” in your eyes. You are a very loving and warm person who deserves to be treated with love and respect. Believe in yourself and let your husband know you mean business if you do choose to leave the marriage. And restore your confidence because you are "hot" right now, Virgo. I see true happiness in your love life with this Scorpio whether your marriage ends or doesn’t.
Bottom line: The Scorpio will remain in the picture yet you will not divorce. If you chose to divorce, it would not be until next year. The choice is up to you.

Dear Elizabeth,
I am a Taurus male who has been dating the same Virgo female for four years. My problem is that I recently met and fell “in love” with a Leo female. I don’t want to hurt my girlfriend but at the same time, I can’t stand being away from this sexy Leo. I need your advice quickly! Is it love or lust? Should I break up with my girlfriend to pursue the Leo I love or am I just getting bored?
Rob, Santa Barbara

Dear Rob,
This is going to be difficult decision. You have a moon in Aquarius. The Virgo has a moon in Cancer and the Leo has a moon in Aries. It’s no wonder you are attracted to the Leo. You are “in love” with this girl. However, be advised that this Leo may be interested in the chase and not the actual relationship. Aries moons tend to be sexually drawn to challenging situations such as yours. You have been getting restless with your current Virgo girlfriend for some time. Your girlfriend is extremely sensitive and would be devastated if she found out about your ongoing disloyalty. Cancer moons hold on to the past and cherish loyalty. Aquarian male moons think its no big deal to cheat but your Virgo girlfriend would “flip” if she found out. You two have experienced some challenges over the years. Be honest and upfront with the Virgo. Suggest a separation and do not “let on” that you have another girl waiting in the wings. This girl has stood by your side and aspects indicate that this is not the first time you have cheated. If you are really in love with the Leo, go for it but be honest. The Virgo will have many future opportunities to meet someone that loves her and who won’t want to stray. Don’t play games with the Virgos heart. This has the potential to be one of the best years of her life, provided you are honest with her. She is experiencing a year of luck however, with Jupiter retrograde until May, she might be feeling “trapped as well”. She deserves your respect. Once you have broken up with the Virgo, there will be no second chances and before you do, think long and seriously about this Leo’s true motivations. She is going to have an opportunity to relocate this spring and her chart indicates that she might just take it. This girl may be playing games with you. Follow your heart and remember that what comes around goes around. You will need to then ask yourself one last question. What means more to you: love or loyalty? If you know the answer, then make the appropriate choice. You will smile at years end when you remember the old saying that “Honesty is the best policy”. Remember that and everyone involved will walk away satisfied.
Warm Regards,

Dear Elizabeth,
I am a Virgo female who is in love with a Scorpio male. We have been dating exclusively for a year and recently he proposed. My problem is that I can’t get a past Aries male lover out of my mind. I love this Scorpio and I said, “Yes” to the proposal but the Aries keeps calling me and I can’t resist his sexy ways. Please help me! I know it’s wrong, but would one last sexual encounter with the Aries destroy my special Scorpio and our future together?
Sexually confused, Colorado

Dear Confused,
Step away from the Aries and stay on the straight and narrow with the Scorpio. This special Scorpio will know if you even so much as talk on the phone with another man. You need to figure out if you really do love this guy you call so special. Why are you thinking about cheating on him if you love him? Jupiter, planet of luck is currently visiting your sign, Virgo. As a result, all Virgos are getting plenty of romantic and sexual offers and invitations. You have a Sagittarius moon and this moon is a true commitment phobic moon. Your Scorpio has a Virgo moon, which tells me that this relationship is the right one. Aspects in your charts, suggest that you and the Scorpio understand one another and that the bond is deep and destined. The Aries really is interested in sex and that’s about it. Can you handle that? Don’t think for even a second that you can change this Aries guy! He sees only sex when he calls you.  Its called drunk dialing and we have all done it. This Aries has a moon in Pisces and will not understand you and your sexual needs in a relationship like the Scorpio can. Take it easy with members of the opposite sex this year and stay away from bars and nightclubs. And remember that with the Scorpio, anything can happen. Scorpios cannot tolerate disloyalty and once betrayed, will never look back. Be advised that if you cheat around on any Scorpio, they will find out eventually. Be advised also that you are going to look very attractive to members of the opposite sex all year long. This won’t last forever, so hold on to the one you love and realize that we all panic” in love” occasionally. This Aries is about to meet someone special and you could walk away feeling used if you do succumb to these fantasies. You have met the right person and it’s not the Aries. Get married already and stop focusing on dead end physical attractions that only lead to heartbreak. This Scorpio loves you and by all indications, it appears you love him as well. Ask yourself why you want to destroy the best thing you have ever had with any man? Get back to me when you have the answer. Good luck!
Warm Regards,

Hi Elizabeth,
I'm an Aries female, Scorpio rising in a long relationship with a Libra, Scorpio rising. We are very compatible except when it comes to money.  We totally disagree on how to spend it, whether to save or splurge and just in general spending habits are really a problem.  Sex is good but has been diminishing because of our differences regarding money. Are we a match?
Perplexed, New York.

Dear Perplexed,
This relationship is exciting and has potential for marriage sooner than you might think. Libra is your house of marriage. This Libra has a moon in Libra and you have a moon in Gemini. This tells me that you are emotionally and sexually committed to each other. You have met the right person but some adjustments need to be made. Both of you share the same Ascendant (Rising sign) of Scorpio. I suspect that this may be where the problem lies. Scorpios need to control just about every aspect of a relationship, including how you spend you money and where you spend it as well. This can create heated arguments followed by intense "make up" sex.  You both want to "control" and as a result, power struggles regarding money have become the focal point. Try not to boss the Libra around because it will get you nowhere fast and the issue will only get worse over time. You need to be less impulsive with money, and the Libra will need to make some compromises with how he spends his money as well. If you do this, I see a major improvement by April of this year. Keep in mind that with all relationships, money becomes a source of irritation at some point whether it's your family or your friends. Love relationships are no different.  Money has created problems with every relationship at some point and time. The Libra may feel that you live and spend money beyond your means. You in turn, feel that this Libra is trying to control you and that he spends his money recklessly.
It will do wonders for the relationship if you suggest separate bank accounts. You should bring up the subject calmly and see how he reacts to this proposal. Try to both compromise, and sit down together and map out a financial strategy that works for both of you. I would hate to see money destroy such a wonderful and loving relationship. This can be changed but you both first should learn the meaning of the word compromise and I suspect that once you have done this, the issue will evaporate. And once that is accomplished, your sex life resume quickly.
You two are lucky to have found each other. Don't let money ruin a great future together.  I see marriage in the future if you can get past this obstacle. Let me know how it works out.
Warm Regards,

Dear Elizabeth,
I’m a Pisces and have been with a Scorpio for the past five years. At first it was great, especially the sex, but it seems we have drifted apart the last several months. When we do have sex, the sex is not as intense and passionate as it once was. Now I have my eyes on a Cancer but he is not forward enough for me. He has not asked me out yet. Everyone says he likes me and we get along very well but I’m confused and don't know whether to pursue the Cancer or hope that things get better with the Scorpio. What is your advice? Help
Katrina, Arizona

Dear Katrina,
Your situation isn't as bad as you believe it to be. Be advised though that someone's heart could be on the verge of being broken. All Pisces are currently experiencing major changes on the love/relationship front. You may be feeling isolated and withdrawn so you will need to look at your behavior first and foremost. You tend to retreat rather than confront the Scorpio. Scorpios need honesty and if you give the Scorpio the truth no matter how much it hurts, you will solve your problems instantly. And as a result, no one involved will have to suffer after all. Trust me on this one! Honesty is the key to sex with a Scorpio. So is loyalty. The Scorpio could be puzzled by your recent behavior and may be feeling that something is going on behind his back. You should also consider that the reason this Cancer has not “asked you out” yet is because he is aware you have a boyfriend.
On another note, Cancer is a very compatible sign for you. So is Scorpio though. Water signs are highly intuitive, sympathetic and very emotional people. You are dealing with three very sensitive people in a "no win" situation. Make up your mind and speak the truth. The choice is yours and you will have to make a decision sooner than you think. Good luck!

Dear Elizabeth
I have been engaged to a Cancer man for 4 years now. He is bipolar and seems to be going nowhere. Recently I met a Libra man, whom I get along with great. We do seem to be "in love" and we both say these are feelings we have “never” experienced before. Should we (the Libra and I) pursue these feelings or will it just lead to heartache? I don’t want to hurt my "fiancée" but it seems as if he doesn't care anyway. It may be the disease. I really don’t know. I just know the attention I get from this Libra is so intense and passionate. It’s like he is my soul mate and he has said the same about me. Please help. Am I really in love for the first time at 35?
Amanda, Michigan

Dear Amanda,
You have been having a rough time with this Cancer and there is no doubt that you have strong feelings for the Libra. Keep in mind that Saturn is currently in Cancer and all Cancers are experiencing the best times or the worst of times. Saturn is the planet of Karma/Lessons learned through hard work. You are a Leo, and Leos in general need to be treated like royalty. The very last thing you want to do is “deal” with or “take care” of someone physically sick or mentally unbalanced. You are loyal by nature, so this is where I suspect that you are struggling with this decision. You have a moon in Leo and Aquarius rising. You also have Venus in Leo and Mars in Cancer. This means you are impulsive and crave excitement and action at all times. You also need lots of friends around you or you yourself will get depressed. Your Venus placement tells me you are attracted to Fire signs and your Mars placement shows undivided loyalty to the past or past lovers. This placement will keep you loyal to those who have remained loyal to you. Be honest with yourself. Life is short and if you feel that interested in this Libra, you may want to discuss this with the Cancer. Be sweet though as Cancers are very sentimental and emotional people. They tend to hang on to unproductive relationships and never forget a betrayal.
This Libra has a Moon in Taurus with his Venus in Virgo and a Mars placement in Leo. I can see why you are so attracted to each other. I do not advise cheating in relationships period. I think there is such a thing called karma and there is no need to sneak around or lie to innocent people. What comes around will go around. I treat others as I would like to be treated and the same should apply here. Having a moon in Leo can create drama if you don't get what you want. Control this impulse and fast. As far as the Cancer goes, why have you had such a long engagement? This concerns me. He may suspect that you are contemplating leaving him and that would explain his "I don't care attitude". Write back when you have made a decision.
Warm Regards,

Dear Elizabeth:
I was born in January 7th, 1974 in Costa Rica, 12: 55 p.m. I am a female Capricorn (with a Taurus ascendant, I think). All my friends are couples. It is hard for me to have a relationship, although I don't feel bad about it. I like to be independent and free, but my friends keep telling me that is abnormal for a 30 year old woman to have no boyfriend, husband etc. Is something wrong with me?  Will I ever find my soul mate or true love?  Best regards,
Ana, Costa Rica

Dear Ana,
You are a Capricorn with a Taurus ascendant. You also have a moon in Cancer and Venus in Aquarius. This tells me that you are very charming and attractive when you want to be. You will meet someone and you will know when it's right. You appear quiet and serious much of the time. Smile more and see what develops. You can also appear offbeat and eccentric to men as well. Perhaps men view you as unattainable or too moody?  When you see someone you find "sexually attractive" smile and take it from there. You may be surprised at how this simple gesture can change ”your” marital status overnight. Your chart tells me that you are very serious (emotionally), yet equally free spirited (mentally) with your approach to love relationships. Are you more concerned with what your friends say, or do you really want find the “right person”? I suspect, based on your chart, that you do want to find the right person.
You will meet someone but you will need to express a “genuine desire”. It seems that you have “not” been doing this recently. 2010 is a great time for all single Capricorns to find love. The timing is right and I see the months of March, May and November to be very memorable for you with regard to dating. You will however, need to cover some basics first. That means go out as much as possible. Ask your friends if they know anyone who they can “set” you up with. The point is: go out more and dress up once in awhile and smile already. 2010 can be an extremely romantic time for you. You will however, have to put in some effort. Remember this!
You may be single now, however, this is not going to last. Get out of the house more and see what occurs when you remember to flirt, smile and make some serious “eye contact” Write me back when you find him!

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