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Astrology Questions for June

Ask any Aries or Libra you know how the last 7 years have been - Harvey Weinstein should have read his forecast. He is an Aries, so is Ashley Judd. See how this played out for these two Aries, both dealt with Uranus in their 1st House of public image for the last 7 years and are emerging into their truths, for better or for worse.  it's all where this planet falls for YOU and to which degree it falls, as well as any aspect this planet makes to other planets, especially those that either square, oppose or make bad aspects to Aries in your Horoscope. Now, It's time for Taurus to experience Uranus in their 1st House. Watch all Taurus in your lives and see how this plays out for you. The same goes for Scorpio, only this is a marriage/partner house, also the House of divorce or legality that comes out of nowhere. Roseanne's Tweet was not okay, and her ruling planet, Pluto is Retrograde, so is Jupiter in her sign, however with Jupiter and Pluto retro, if there is something that's going to go over the top, it could happen under a supposedly Lucky Transit. Heart attacks, underlying health issues, etc.,   

Ask a Cancer and a Capricorn how they deal with stress?

Ask a Pisces What has been going on in his or her everyday work life? Is their partner contributing as much as they can?

Ask a Virgo how much their home, luck, neighborhood, children, taking risks and his or her image has transformed and changed in the last 7 years? 

Ask a Scorpio or a Taurus about where they are expanding most or have the most luck Are they becoming too self-indulgent, over the top? 

Gemini and Sagittarius are dealing with cycles of death, transformation, money, being isolated, secrets, secret relationships, death, birth, and other peoples money? POTUS is a Gemini

Where has Leos public image gone good (Meghan Markle) and Aquarius love life turned out? Eclipses, Eclipses in Leo last year! More this year. Aquarius is breaking out in a new direction.

Eclipses are important - Figure out when our next 2 Eclipses fall in July that falls in both Cancer and Aquarius. The USA is a Cancer...This is western Astrology! Here is when they occur and what it means for you. Click HERE to learn..

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Sun (Spotlight) in Cancer (4th House)