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Astrology Questions for Summer 2018

Ask any Aries or Libras you know how the last 7 years have been?  - Harvey Weinstein should have read his forecast. He is an Aries, so is Ashley Judd, Jennifer Garner and so is Lady Gaga. See how this played out differently for these Aries, They dealt with Uranus in their 1st House of public image for the last 7 years and are emerging into their truths, for better or for worse. Uranus and your shocks, emotional journeys, it's all where this planet falls for YOU and to which degree it falls, as well as any aspect this planet makes to other planets, especially those that either square, oppose or make bad aspects to Aries in your Horoscope. However, let's see how these Aries lives played out. But before we do, let's look at Libras with their 7th House influenced:  Gwyneth Paltrow (Conscious Uncoupling followed by a second marriage) Eminem (10 years sober), Tommy Lee (Exposed), Heather Locklear & Catherine Zeta-Jones. (Depression/Addiction) : (  If you experience being "stuck in a rut or get too lazy ", this planet swoops in and changes your destiny, overnight. It won't let you get too comfortable where an easy street or out is concerned but again, it's all in your natal chart and what House and where Aries falls in your chart. 

Aries Harvey is going to the place no one wants to go. 

Alec Baldwin got remarried and had 3 or 4 new children.

Lady Gaga became an overnight sensation.

Their lives all shook up. Same with Robert Downey Junior (great success rebound), Mariah Carey (Downward spiral), Ashley Judd (Bravery) (Divorce). How did this play out with your sign, if you are an Aries?

 Now, It's time for Taurus to experience Uranus in their 1st House. Watch all Taurus in your lives and see how this plays out for You/Taurus/Your Taurus Friends. Examples of Taurus: George Clooney, Tina Fey, Jessica Alba, Jack Nicholson (Radio Silent)  Al Pachino, Channing Tatum (7-year itch).

Retrograde Alert, Is the past on your mind, are you low on energy, feeling like moving to a foreign country? Let's look at this stellium of retrogrades occurring in July of 2018 in addition to a Solar Eclipse and a Lunar Eclipse. With Mercury retrograde will join Mars (Aries/Scorpio) Rx, Neptune (Pisces) Rx, Saturn (Capricorn) Rx, Jupiter (Sagittarius/Pisces) and Pluto (Scorpio) Rx, so if there is something that's going to go over the top, it could happen under a supposedly Lucky Transit (Jupiter). Heart attacks, underlying health issues, etc.,   

Ask a Cancer and a Capricorn how they deal with stress?

Ask a Pisces What has been going on in his or her everyday work life? Is their partner contributing as much as they can?

Ask a Virgo how much their home, luck, neighborhood, children, taking risks and his or her image has transformed and changed in the last 7 years? 

Ask a Scorpio or a Taurus about where they are expanding most or have the most luck, prosperity, success or excess? Are they becoming too self-indulgent, over the top? 

Gemini and Sagittarius are dealing with cycles of death, transformation, money, being isolated, secrets, secret relationships, death, birth, and other peoples money? POTUS is a Gemini

Where has Leos public image gone good or bad (Kevin Spacey) &(Meghan Markle) are both Leos who had eclipses in their 7th House (legal, marriage, reputation and beginnings and endings. How is Aquarius love life turning out? Eclipses, Eclipses in Leo last year! More this year. Aquarius is breaking out in a new direction. What your obessed with currently whether this is a person or a project, you could make a fortune at it. Look at your social media accounts, think it over! 

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Sun (Spotlight) in Cancer (4th House)