Yearly Astrology Forecasts

Your Yearly Forecast

When interpreting your yearly horoscope, there are many factors to consider. The main areas of study are the outer planets, such as: Pluto, Uranus and Neptune. Of course, there are other commonly known aspects to look for, such as the Sun and Moon transits (i.e. What you read about in most daily horoscopes), Venus, Mars, Mercury (i.e. planets that intimately affect the most personal details of your life), Saturn, the planet of discipline and hard work, and Jupiter, the planet of abundance, beliefs, prosperity and luck/timing. The outer planets of Neptune, Uranus and Pluto are even more powerful as they take longer to transit each House they occupy and their effects are long lasting and really only can be seen, in retrospect. Also take into consideration where these planets fall in your chart. Because, when combined in various groupings and pairings, the planetary activity tells the story of probable outcomes of your year, months and weeks to come. See bottom of page for more about your own planets.

The following is a list of the planets and what they symbolize:

The Sun - The spotlight

Mercury - Your Intellect, and logic, self-expression
Mars - Your Sexuality, aggression, physical energy, motivation and war 

Venus - Love, appreciation, admiration, money, music and all things harmonious
Jupiter - Your Luck, success, beliefs, expansion and prosperity

Saturn - Lessons, how have you grown? Saturn also tests your maturity
Pluto - Transformation (slow but powerful change) Sex, birth and death and personal rebirth to an ultimate transformation, physically and otherwise.

Uranus - Shock, sudden surprises, lightning strikes and sudden events you never expected 
Neptune - Your Illusions, deception, magic and things you can't see clearly


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**Here is a breakdown of the best placements for the planets to be in.

Aries- Mars (Mars in Aries)
Taurus - Venus in it's sensual form (Venus in Taurus)
Gemini-Mercury in it's communicative form (Mercury in Gemini)
Cancer - The Moon (Moon in Cancer)
Leo- The Sun (Sun in Leo)
Virgo- Mercury in it's critical form (Mercury in Virgo)
Libra - Venus -in it's aesthetic and critical form (Venus in Libra)
Scorpio- Pluto, co ruled by Mars (Pluto in Scorpio)
Sagittarius- Jupiter (Jupiter in Sagittarius)
Capricorn-Saturn (Saturn in Capricorn)
Aquarius - Uranus replacing Saturn (Its previous ruler) (Uranus in Aquarius)
Pisces- Neptune replacing Jupiter (Its previous ruler) (Neptune in Pisces)

Those are considered the ideal locations for planets in your natal chart. Planets in those houses will make little effort yet net huge rewards. Check out your natal (birth) chart and look for any of the above planets to fall in those signs.The next best place for your planets are what are referred to as planets in exalted signs. 

Sun exalted in Aries: physical energy, assertion, sexual energy, motivation, self-confidence and won't take no for an answer.
Moon in Taurus: Instincts and reactions are always on target and there is an ability to excel in Creativity
Mercury exalted in Aquarius: The ability to win a universal audience through factual logic, innovative concepts and intellectual staying power.
Venus exalted in Pisces: Sensitivity will encourage a love of everyone, unusual creativity and universal appeal.
Mars exalted in Capricorn: This placement instinctively knows how to put the right energy to work which always results in fame and fortune on some level.
Jupiter exalted in Cancer: This placement will encourage the need to mother others and grow from it.
Saturn exalted in Libra:  This placement brings issues of justice, balance, responsible judgement and rational thinking.
Uranus exalted in Scorpio: This placement is overly extreme, intense and brings about transformation.
Neptune exalted in Cancer: This placement is able to get security without the help of others and also is blessed with an ability to transcend to an elevated status.
Pluto exalted in Pisces: This placement removes what isn't working with what does work. It also clears out the past to make way for a transition and a transformation into the future.