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Happy Birthday, Lovely Libras! One of the best-looking signs of the zodiac! Wishing you a great Birthday! xo

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What about the Full Harvest Moon in Aries on 9/24/2018? Xo 

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 With Venus in Scorpio and a Full Moon in Aries: The signs of Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn will experience low energy, so do something nice for yourself. Buy yourself a gift, even if you have to pay in installments. A little can and will go a long way this week. So treat yourself to something, same goes for your physical appearance and self-care. Remember, Libras are the natural trendsetters of all 12 signs. They dress classy, have grace and carry themselves with elegance. Ruled by Venus, the 7th sign in Astrology is said to be naturally gifted in the arts (Venus), has a dimpled smile and knows exactly how to dress to impress. Yes, Libra was born with a passion for fashion and physical presentations. 

Birthday Forecast for Libra  
P.S.  Watch out for a tendency to overindulge this month. Remain balanced on the 24th. Don't allow an already tense relationship to continue if you are at odds. Avoid addictive behavior patterns. The Full Moon is making a smooth angle to the Sun but Saturn wants in and makes a not so great one. Focus on the positive and realize this too shall pass! Value yourselves and spread the love during this cycle!

An Aries, Leo, and Scorpio are involved. Happy Birthday, Libra! Xo

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The Sun ( Your ego, confidence, first impressions, and the spotlight) in Libra
The New Moon ( Emotional nature and what you need from a lover, friend or partner) in today click here!
Venus ( The planet of LOVE, money, partnerships, art, music, physical beauty) in Scorpio
Mercury ( The planet of the internet, communications, thought, speech and self-expression) in Libra
Mars ( Planet of Sexuality, motivation, aggression, our physical impressions of one another, Passion, desire, fire, chemistry, and war) in Aquarius from 9/10 -11/15 
Jupiter (Expansion, worldviews, spirituality and your luck potential) in Scorpio 
Saturn ( The passage of time, tests of maturity, lessons, and karma) in Capricorn
Uranus ( Surprises, the Unexpected, lightning strikes and shocks to the system ) Rx in Taurus
Pluto ( Tearing down in order to rebuild, slow but powerful transformations) in Capricorn
Neptune ( What happens behind closed doors, secrets, deception and drugs) Rx in Pisces

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