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Sun (The SpotlightYour confidence, EGO and sense of self) in Cancer
Moon (Your emotions and what/who do YOU need) in Here! 
Venus (The planet of Love, money, harmony and your beauty) in Leo 
Mercury  (The planet of Communications intellect and travel) Rx in Leo
Mars (The planet of sexuality, aggression, motivation, and war) in Rx Aquarius
Jupiter (Luck, expansion, good news and your belief system(s) in RX Scorpio
Saturn (Lessons, tests of maturity and hard work, discipline) in Capricorn Rx
Neptune (Blind spots, illusion, magic, and things we cannot see clearly) in Pisces Rx
Uranus (When lightning strikes in your life/surprises, out of left field or WTH occurrences) in Taurus 
Pluto (Tearing down in order to make room for something better) in Capricorn Rx

Aries Weekly Horoscope
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