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The Sun ( Your ego, confidence, first impressions, and the spotlight) in Aquarius
The Moon ( Emotional nature and what you need from a lover, friend or partner) in today click here!
Venus ( The planet of LOVE, money, partnerships, art, music, physical beauty) in Sagittarius
Mercury ( The planet of the internet, communications, thought, speech and self-expression) rx in Sagittarius
Mars ( Planet of Sexuality, motivation, aggression, our physical impressions of one another, Passion, desire, fire, chemistry, and war) in Aries 
Jupiter (Expansion, worldviews, spirituality and your luck potential) in Sagittarius 
Saturn ( The passage of time, tests of maturity, lessons, and karma) in Capricorn
Uranus ( Surprises, the Unexpected, lightning strikes and shocks to the system ) moves into for 7 years. 
Pluto ( Tearing down in order to rebuild, slow but powerful transformations) in Capricorn
Neptune (What happens behind closed doors, secrets, deception, and intoxicating substances, alcohol,& drugs)  in Pisces

Aries Weekly Horoscope
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